Google Play Music launches in India, undercuts Apple Music


iPhone India
Apple has been working to grow its brand in India.
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India is one of the next big markets for tech companies, and Google just threw down the gauntlet against Apple by undercutting Apple Music with its own Google Play music subscription service.

While Apple Music charges 120 rupees per month (around $2), Google is charging just 99 rupees ($1.50) for tis own service — with a discounted rate of 89 rupees for the first 45 days. In the U.S., both Google Play Music and Apple Music charge $9.99 per month.

Apple Music racks up more than 20 million subscribers


Get ready rock.
Apple Music has hit a big milestone!
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Apple Music has passed the 20 million subscriber mark, according to new figures released by Apple.

Last time the company released adoption figures, back in September, those numbers hovered around 17 million — meaning the number of paying Apple Music users jumped 15 percent in the past three months.

iTunes Match users: It might be time to switch to Google Play Music


It might be time to switch to Google Play Music. Photo: Cult of Mac
It might be time to switch to Google Play Music. Photo: Cult of Mac

It’s not often that Google incontrovertibly one-ups Apple on anything but search, but the company just scored a small but sizable advantage over Cupertino in at least one regard: music storage space.

Google expanded its Google Play Music service Wednesday to match, store and stream 50,000 tracks, twice what Apple allows iTunes Match paid users. Even better for listeners with large libraries? Google Play Music is free.