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Google Earth For iOS Updated With Street View And Improved Interface



Google published a big update for it’s Google Earth app for iOS today. The new version includes an improved UI with a left hand panel that makes it easier to enable different layers of information.

Along with the refreshed UI, the Google Earth update adds Google Maps Street View to the service so you can explore the world in 3D flyover or at street level. Improved directions and search were also added to the list of new features.

Here’s what’s new:

Google Accidentally Teases New Maps Service Ahead Of Google I/O



Google I/O kicks off today, and one of the announcements you can look forward to is a new Google Maps service. Google accidentally teased major changes ahead of its official unveiling by opening up a new webpage that allowed users to request an invite to a new Maps service.

That page has now been pulled, but not before screenshots began making their way around the Internet.

The Funniest iOS App Review You’ll Read All Week [Image]


A real review for the iOS Google Earth app

There are various techniques one can use when dropping a horrible review for an app. You could give it a single star and move on. Or say it’s worthless. Or list a specific problem with the app hoping it gets fixed in the future. Or you could go with the all caps/rant approach.

Each method is effective in its own way, and iOS user Bmwworld knows them all. Except he sadly thinks that Google Earth is a live satellite feed of the world and is getting really pissed that his car never moves on the app, or that he can’t run outside and wave at the camera. In a storm of frustration he left the magnificent rant/review you see above in the App Store. We applaud him for his beautiful incorrectness and award him with the Best Worst Review of the Week award.


Google Confirms It Is Yet To Submit Its Own Maps App To Apple


Google Maps is gone in iOS 6, but some users are desperate to get it back.
This isn't coming back just yet.

With Google Maps gone from iOS 6 in favor of Apple’s own solution, many are hoping Google will bring its own Maps app to the App Store — as it did with YouTube a couple weeks ago. A recent report claimed that it was already on its way, but according to Google chairman Eric Schmidt, that’s not the case at all. In fact, Google hasn’t even submitted a Maps app to Apple for approval yet.

This Week’s Must-Have iOS Apps: Solar, PIXEL’D, Bokehful & More [Roundup]


Screen Shot 2012-07-29 at 09.08.22

Kicking off this week’s must-have apps roundup is a stunning new weather app called Solar, which boasts a simple, intuitive user interface and a no frills approach that doesn’t suffocate you with information you’re not interested in. There’s also a great new drawing and animation app from Disney that you and your kids will love; a great new photography app that adds bokeh light effects to your photos; and updates to Google Earth and Yelp.

Use These Map-Enabled Apps To Make Your Road-Trip Go Smoothly [iOS Tips]



Gone are the days of folding and unfolding huge maps that you get from the gas station or the Automobile Club, what with GPS, Maps apps, and the like. Using the built-in Maps app is a great way to get where you need to go, but what if you want to take your navigation to the next level? What if you need to make sure you don’t get a speeding ticket? What if you want to get your kids excited about the National Park you’re all going to see? Maps app won’t do any of that justice. Here are three apps that will, though.

New UI And Amazing 3D Images Coming Soon To Google Earth For Android And iOS



At today’s Google Maps event, Google revealed a few planned features for not only Google Maps for Android (no mention of iOS), but also Google Earth for Android and iOS. The Google Maps announcement was simply offline support, and something that users have been after for years. In Google Earth news, Google announced stunning new 3D images and a new UI would be coming soon to both Android and iOS platforms.