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iOS Devices Continue To Dominate With 8 Of The Top 10 Enterprise Devices [Report]


That's...well, that's pretty clear, right there.
That's...well, that's pretty clear, right there.

While you may chalk up any pro-Apple sentiment here as only true to form, it’s perhaps even more telling when there’s another, more impartial group, claiming an Apple win.

Good Technology is one such independent group. The company provides mobile device, app, and data security to over 4000 customers, including banks, healthcare organizations, governments, and retailers. They also do a quarterly Device Activation Report, which looks at the type of mobile devices and uses in the Enterprise. The Q4 report, released today, details which and how many smartphone and tablet devices were activated by Good Technology’s enterprise customers.

Guess what they found? Hint: it’s in the headline.

iPhones, iPads Make It Hard For Most Americans To “Switch Off” After Work


Study shows iPhone and iPad users work well into their off hours, illustrating the need for Apple's Do Not Disturb feature in iOS 6
Study shows iPhone and iPad users work well into their off hours, illustrating the need for Apple's Do Not Disturb feature in iOS 6.

The iPhone and iPad have essentially created one more day’s worth of work for most Americans. That’s the big headline from a study by mobile security and management vendor Good Technology. The study, which involved 1,000 of Good’s customers, found that during off hours, the average American will put in seven hours worth of work each week, or, one extra workday.

Concerns about maintaining a healthy work/life balance are nothing new. The mobile devices that make knowledge workers more productive have the downside of creating a situation where most of us can be reached very easily whether we’re on the clock and in the office or we’re at home in bed. This always-connected lifestyle has even given rise to mental health issues like nomophobia – the fear of being without one’s phone.

The tendency to work well past the end of the workday is so prevalent that 80% of us do so on a regular basis.

Securing Business Data On The iPhone And iPad Just Got Easier Thanks to Good



Securing business data on employee-owned devices like the iPhone and iPad is one of the biggest challenges for IT departments when it comes to operating bring your own device (BYOD) programs. The mobile device management (MDM) approach taken by most companies is an excellent starting point because it aims to make devices themselves more secure. Unfortunately, it also tends to impose limits on what workers can do with an iPhone or iPad that they bought and paid for out of their own pockets.

Another approach to the challenge is to carve out a specific niche of secure storage on each employee-owned devices. Good Technology has always offered this mechanism for securing business emails and related technologies like shared contacts and calendars. This week, Good took that concept and made it available to iOS developers in a product called Good Dynamics.