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No really … iPhone XS is a total steal, says Tim Cook


Tim Cook on Good Morning America
iPhone XS Max is just “a dollar a day.”
Photo: ABC

Apple’s latest iPhone lineup is its most expensive yet, with prices starting at $999 for the iPhone XS and $1,099 for the iPhone XS Max. But Apple CEO Tim Cook doesn’t see a problem with that.

In an interview with Good Morning America this week, Cook again defended Apple’s price tags, talked about Apple Watch Series 4, and explained why some devices have avoided price hikes amidst America’s trade war with China.

$1,000 iPhone X is a steal, says Tim Cook


Tim Cook
Tim Cook talks up Apple's new iPhones.
Photo: Good Morning America

$1,000 for the iPhone X is a “value price” to pay for such a premium product, Tim Cook told viewers during an in-studio interview with Good Morning America today.

In the 10-minute interview, Cook defended the pricing of the next-generation iPhone, talked about his excitement over augmented reality, discussed Steve Jobs’ legacy at Apple, and touched on the ongoing political topic of “Dreamers” in the United States — referring to illegal immigrants who were brought into the U.S. as children.

Tim Cook defends Apple’s decision to kill the headphone jack


Tim Cook loves Apple's vision for a wireless future.
Photo: Good Morning America

Tim Cook appeared on Good Morning America today, in which he defended Apple’s decision to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack and reaffirmed the pro-AirPod message that “wireless is the future.”

“When you decide on what the future is, you want to get there as soon as you can,” Cook said. “That jack takes up a lot of space in the phone, a lot of space. And there’s a lot of more important things we can provide for the consumer than that jack.”

Tim Cook to talk iPhone 7 tomorrow on Good Morning America


"Yes, we got you by the balls."
Photo: Good Morning America

Apple CEO Tim Cook is set to reassure Americans that the death of the headphone is a good thing for everyone, during an appearance on Good Morning America tomorrow.

Cook’s exclusive interview with Robin Roberts at a school in Harlem promises to be “wide-ranging,” covering everything from the iPhone 7 that will launch on Friday, as well as how Apple’s new AirPods fit in your ear.

“I have never personally had one fall out since I’ve been using it,” Tim said, revealing he runs on a treadmill with them. “They’re absolutely magical.”

Watch Tim gush about AirPods in the first teaser: