Don’t let being stuck at home cost you your golf game [Deals]


Play Golf all year round and from anywhere with this fun and immersive golf simulator package.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

If playing golf is how you relieve stress, being stuck at home is not ideal. If you’re being responsible and self-isolating — and missing the driving range — this immersive golf simulator offers a way to get in your swings without leaving the living room.

Golf gadget will show you the holes in your game


Blast Golf Replay is a sensor on the club teamed with your iPhone to provide swing data flashed across a video replay.
Blast Golf Replay is a sensor on the club teamed with your iPhone to provide swing data flashed across a video replay.
Photo: Blast Motion

The golf industry is loaded with gadgets that promise to make your drive explode off the tee and turn bogeys into birdies. And there are plenty of golfers who pay handsomely for these promises in hopes of shaving a stroke or two off their average.

Most get suckered.

But a tiny device by Blast Motion, coupled with the iPhone, is slowly gaining approval among golf’s teaching professionals. It makes no promises, but it does provide numbers and video proof to support what your teacher’s been telling you all along – your game’s got problems.

Fore! Apple Pay is teeing off on the PGA Tour this week


Apple Pay is going everywhere in 2015. Photo: Apple
Apple Pay is coming to the golf course. Photo: Apple

Apple Pay has already invaded MLB stadiums and NBA games, but next up on the list of major sports to accept Apple’s contactless payments system will be golfers.

The city of Phoenix is gearing up to host the Super Bowl this week, but the PGA is hoping to steal a little thunder with the revelation this morning that Apple Pay will make its first ever debut on the golf course at the 2015 Waste Management Phoenix Open this week.

This Little Zepp Sensor Will Map Your Golf, Basball or Tennis Swing On Your iPhone




What if you could duct tape your iPhone to your baseball bat, tennis racquet or 9-iron, and use the iPhone’s motion sensors to plot your swing in your favorite sport? It’d be messy, sure, and awkward, trying to adapt your grip over the slab of phone. And then there’d be the hours of scraping duct-tape residue off the screen when (if) you recovered it from where it landed after it flung itself off during that home-run swing. And after all that you’d need an app that actually made sense of all the data.

Forget all that, and keep your iPhone in your pocket. Zepp Labs has come out with a small, light (1-inch square, 6.3 grams) sensor that attaches, via specialized rubber housings, to golf gloves, baseball bats or a tennis racquets; the sensor records your swing in three dimensions, then sends the data directly to a companion app on your iPhone via Bluetooth. The resulting 3D image of your swing can be viewed from any angle, and gets analyzed by the app.