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This fun golf simulator lets you practice anytime, anywhere


The TruGolf simulator will delight any golfer this holiday season, now only $173.
Give the golfer on your list the ability to hit the green whenever they like.
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The golfer on your shopping list likely doesn’t need any more clubs, balls or polos. Why not surprise them with a golf simulator like the TruGolf Mini? It’s a hi-tech gift designed to delight golfers of any age.

You can gift any golfer the ability to hit the green anytime and anywhere with the TruGolf Mini. And it’s price-dropped to only $172.97 (regularly $399) through December 17.

Save hundreds on an impressive widescreen golf simulator


Get this widescreen golf sim before Prime Day and save hundreds before July 14.
Play golf indoors, anytime with pre-Prime Day savings on the Vista 10X portable simulator.
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Golf simulators come in many different styles and levels of quality, but the truly high-tech ones can make you feel like you’re actually out on the links. Gifts like these are something even the biggest enthusiast would wait until Prime Day to buy, but Amazon just got beat to the punch.

During our Deal Days event, you can save 30% on the TruGolf Vista 10X Portable Golf Simulator and a premium pack of the most famous courses from around the globe. Through July 14 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific, you can get this innovative golf simulator for only $13,000 (regularly $18,395)!

Practice anywhere with this cutting-edge golf simulator


Practice golf anywhere with this cutting-edge mini simulator, now $200 this Memorial Day.
Grab this top-rated golf simulator for less than $200 during our Memorial Day Sale.
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Are you ready to take your golf game up a gear? Modern technology means you don’t need to spend entire days traveling to the golf course to practice your putt. With a cutting-edge golf simulator like the TruGolf Mini, you can boost your skills anytime, anywhere.

You can play a round on virtual versions of famous golf courses or brush up with minigames. All the while, built-in analytical tools let you see what’s going right — and what’s going wrong — with your swing.

Typically $249, you can grab TruGolf Mini for only $199.97 during our Memorial Day Sale. That’s the best price you’ll find anywhere online, but this deal ends May 31 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific. 

The Ultimate Golf Lovers Bundle gives you three ways to play


This $250 hole-in-one bundle comes with a $25 TopGolf gift card.
This triple-threat golf lover's bundle lets you play however, and whenever, you want.
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Spring is blooming across America, meaning it’s time for golfers to get back on the course. If you’re looking to save some money on rounds in 2023 and want to expand your options when it comes to ways to play, our discounted Ultimate Golf Lovers Bundle is worth exploring.

Perfect for yourself or your golf-obsessed friend, dad or partner, this perfect par package is only $249.99 (regularly $423). This bundle features an annual Player’s Pass nationwide golf membership, the Phigolf World Tour Edition for virtual play and a gift card for Topgolf high-tech driving ranges. You can’t find these separately for the same combined price.

Practice your swing from the comfort of your home with this $190 golf simulator


Practice your swing from the comfort of your home with this $190 golf simulator.
You can virtually play at Augusta National Golf Club from your living room with this advanced golf simulator.
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If you’re any kind of golfer, you’re likely counting down the days until the Masters Tournament starts in early April. So, what can you do until then? To get into the golfing spirit, you could hit the green at your local course. Or, you could invite some friends over and play 18 holes on a virtual version of your dream course, whether that’s Augusta National or Loch Lomond.

The PhiGolf at-home golf simulator can take you there and beyond. And that’s just the start of what this innovative product offers. During our Golf Campaign, which ends March 15, you can score the PhiGolf for only $189.99.

Play golf anywhere in the world from your home with PhiGolf World Tour


For just $179, you can play golf anywhere in the world from your home with the Phigolf World Tour.
Grab the PhiGolf World Tour Edition for only $179.99 and enjoy playing on more than 38,000 courses worldwide.
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With a high-quality golf simulator, you can play golf at home through the rest of winter and go into the new season swinging. You can even play on your favorite course without leaving the comfort of your living room.

PhiGolf World Tour Edition gives you unlimited access to more than 38,000 golf courses globally, so you might see your local green on your big screen. With this Presidents’ Day discount, you can get PhiGolf World Tour Edition for $179.99, but only until February 20 at 11:59 p.m. PST.

Play almost any golf course in the world virtually with this simulator


This CES-featured golf simulator has almost every course in the world.
This golf simulator tees up nearly every course in the world. And right now, it's on sale for 20% off.
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Golf and snow generally don’t mix, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your game this winter. Instead, you could play 18 holes at home with this CES-featured golf simulator. Phigolf gives you more than 38,000 courses to play on, and it’s now on sale for just $199.99.

Take your golf skills to the next level in 2023 with this top-rated golf simulator


Take your golf skills to the next level in 2023 with this top-rated golf simulator, less than $180 today.
Learn golf in 2023 with $50 off this top-rated golf simulator.
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2023 will be the year you take your golfing skills to the next level, like you’ve always wanted to. With a great golf simulator, you’ll be able to get valuable practice in, anywhere. And right now, you can grab the top-rated TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator, usually $229.99, for just $179.

No coupon is needed to grab this great deal, but you’ll have to be quick as the special price drop will only be available through midnight PST on January 9.

Improve your golf game even in winter with this top-rated home simulator


Get $50 off this home golf simulator that will boost your skills.
Get $50 off this top-rated golf simulator that will improve your swing.
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Whether it’s the cold weather or a busy schedule, getting to the golf course in winter can be difficult. But, that doesn’t mean your game has to suffer. A home golf simulator like the SLX MicroSim Golf MicroSimulator will help you improve your swing from anywhere. And right now, you can grab it for just $129.99 — that’s a 27% discount off the regular price of $179.

All you need is the clubs you already have and your mobile device, and you’re ready to swing. Simply mount the device onto your real golf club, and together with the sensor, you’ll be able to analyze and improve your swing with the free SLX Connect app for iOS, Android or PC.

Order by December 8 to get this pro golf simulator in time for Christmas


Save nearly 25% off this 4K golf sim and get it in time for Xmas.
Get this 4K home golf sim in time for Xmas - at less than $190.
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It may be the season to be jolly, but in too many parts of the world, it’s definitely not the season for golf. We all have that friend who can’t wait for the snow to stop falling so they can hit the links (that “friend” might even be us!). But, thanks to some cutting-edge sports tech, waiting for spring to swing isn’t necessary.

The SwingLogic SLX MicroSim golfing simulator lets anyone sharpen their game, no matter the weather. And if you order by December 8, you can get it for $189.99 (regularly $249) with guaranteed delivery in time for Christmas — free shipping included.

Save $49 on this at-home golf simulator that connects to your iPhone


Avoid pricey private golf instruction with this affordable at-home solution.
Don't miss this limited-time pricing on a product that's primed to improve your golf game.
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Cyber Monday has passed, but you can still capitalize on those savings thanks to our extended sale, which lasts through November 30. For golf players of all skill levels, this means you can get the TruGolf Mini for only $199 without any coupon.

This at-home golf simulator, which typically costs $249, boasts impressive technology. So this markdown presents an especially affordable way to keep your swing on point, no matter how the weather acts this winter.

This golf simulator is the ultimate gift for golfers, and it’s on sale for $79 off 


This is the ultimate gift for golf lovers… and today it’s less than $200.
Grab this awesome golf simulator for less than $200 today and score a hole in one this holiday season.
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What do you give the golf lover who has everything? How about the luxury of perfecting their swing from anywhere? Make their holiday season with a great at-home golf simulator. For a limited time, you can get the Phigolf Premium Swing Trainer Bundle on sale for $199.99 or 28% off.

Use your iPhone to practice your golf swing anywhere with 28% off this simulator


Golf anywhere with your iPhone and the Phigolf swing trainer.
Turn your iPhone into your golf coach with this swing trainer.
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Apple seems to be focusing more on sports and the outdoors these days, but you don’t necessarily need a new Apple Watch to stay active. For example, if you already own an iPhone, you can turn it into a golf coach with a Phigolf swing trainer, on sale now for $199.99 (regularly $279).

You don’t have to wait for Prime Day to score a discount on this golf simulator


Grab this top-rated golf simulator at less than Prime Day pricing today.
Perfect your swing from home with this golf simulator at an exclusive low price today.
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Want to perfect your swing from home, or know a golfer who would love to? The SLX MicroSim is a compact golf simulator that lets you practice anywhere, so you won’t need to make a trip to the fairway. Usually $179, you can purchase this simulator for $129.99, a price you won’t find on Amazon.

You can claim this exclusive, best-of-web price thanks to our Deal Days sale, which is our answer to Prime Day. During this event, you can find the SLX MicroSim and other aggressively discounted gadgets, apps and subscriptions. Check out the rest of these deals in our promotional collection through October 12.

Improve your swing with $60 off this at-home golf simulator


Leave those ugly golf swings in the past by picking up this at-home practice tool.
This affordable solution will place you on a path toward improved golf scores.
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The end of summer is the perfect season to reinvest learn a new skill or get better at an old one. So, if you’ve decided it’s time to focus on golf, consider a home golf simulator like the SwingLogic SLX MicroSim.

Regular practice with the affordable system can shave points off your golf score and add consistency to your game. During our Back to Education sale, you can equip yourself to learn golf like never before by picking up this package for only $189 (regularly $249).

Play virtual golf and perfect your swing with TruGolf Mini


It's the last call for a Golf Simulator with 97 famous courses for Deal Days Discounts.
Play golf on your TV with this last-chance deal on a TruGolf Mini golf simulator.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Golf simulators don’t need to cost as much as a country club membership. If you want to perfect your swing from home, or just have fun playing practice games or virtual courses, check out TruGolf Mini.

This home golf simulator gives you access to 97 courses and games. And this is your last chance to get it for our Deal Days price of just $189 (regularly $229). The sale ends Thursday!

Golf every day on your Apple TV with a SwingLogic simulator


The only thing missing is a golf cart with this home golf simulator.
Hit the green without forking over much green. This golf sim is on sale for a limited time.
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Golf, as much as you might love it, proves a bit time-consuming. Even if it’s your favorite way to spend a day, you probably don’t always have time to head out to the course to play a full 18 holes.

But your favorite hobby doesn’t need to include lengthy drive time — just a big screen and a little one. During our Deal Days Sale, you can get the SwingLogic SLX MicroSim home golf simulator for just $169.99 (regularly $249) no coupon code needed. Deal ends July 14, 2022.

Play 97 virtual courses with $100 off this at-home golf simulator


This golf simulator connects to your iPhone.
Save on this mini golf simulator that helps improve your swing from home.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Nothing quite beats a round of golf when the weather gets warmer, but those sizzling summer days don’t last forever.

Right now, you can get a great deal on TruGolf Mini, a golf simulator that lets you practice your swing at home, in the office or anywhere you want. It usually costs $399, but it’s $100 off for a limited time.

That might sound like a lot of money to play virtual golf. Gut this at-home entertainment system can essentially pay for itself when you use it as a fun party game or save money on buckets of balls at the driving range. And it’s great for when the weather won’t cooperate with your trip to the golf course.

Get your dad one of the best golf simulators on the market


Grab this golf sim for Father's Day soon!
This golf simulator is a perfect Father's Day gift.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

The best Father’s Day gifts serve as a creative way to let the dad in your life do something he loves. This Father’s Day, you can give the gift of a complete golf experience that he doesn’t have to travel for — or even put on shoes!

The SLX MicroSim is a realistic golf simulator that can help him get in a few rounds without ever leaving the house. During our Father’s Day Sale, it’s is on sale for $189.99 (regularly $204).

Hit the links from your living room with the Phigolf golf simulator


PhiGolf is the premier golf simulator.
It's your last chance to get this lifelike golf simulator at a record-low price.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

A dearth of local golf courses shouldn’t stop you from hitting the links. It turns out, you can play golf on some of the most famous courses in the world — from your living room. And you don’t even have to risk your windows to do it.

The Phigolf smart golf simulator is an incredibly lifelike golf simulator that puts you in some of the most famous courses in the world without ever needing to put on shoes.

But this is your last chance to grab it at a great price! If you pick up Phigolf with swing stick before May 31 during Cult of Mac Deals’ Memorial Day sale, you can get it for only $179.

This iOS golf simulator is a hole-in-fun gift for 25% off


Swing at home with this amazing golf simulator.
See how this golf simulator can improve your short game.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

No matter how much you love golf, you probably can’t hit the course every day. Even professional golfers have to head home sometime, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop playing and practicing.

The TruGolf Mini golf simulator is a remarkably realistic tool that lets you hit the green 2 feet from your couch. And for a limited time, it’s on sale for $299 (regularly $399).

Perfect your swing from anywhere with $40 off this smart golf simulator


Perfect you swing with this top-rated golf simulator on sale.
Get $20 off this top-rated smart golf simulator, as seen at CES.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

If you don’t have time to get to the golf course year-round, you can still perfect your swing at home (or, from anywhere). The secret to doing so is with a smart new generation of golf simulators – and one of the best is the PhiGolf: Mobile & Home Smart Golf Simulator with Swing Stick. Not only is it all you need to bring the  experience of golfing home, but right now you can grab it on sale with $40 off, for $209 (reg. $249).

This golf simulator lets you play on world-famous courses


Golf in your pajamas with this realistic simulator.
Golf from home with this true-to-life simulator.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

A bit of rain or snow shouldn’t be all it takes to cancel your golf day. The PhiGolf Golf Simulator with Swing Stick lets you play in realistic conditions, even if you’re in the middle of a thunderstorm.

It also lets you virtually experience playing some of the world’s most prestigious golf courses. And right now, you can get a single or double pack of PhiGolf Mobile for $229 or $498.

Improve your golf game with this realistic simulator


Improve your swing with this realistic golf simulator.
Analyze your golf swing with this 3D simulator.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Golf is one of those games where it’s difficult to improve without real-life practice. But this TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator helps you practice your swing — and enjoy beautifully rendered virtual courses — without going to the range in person.

It’s a futuristic way to enjoy the game of golf without gambling on clear weather (or spending money on green fees). It’s fun, it’s perfect for both newbies and regular golfers alike, and its built-in analytics will help you boost your game.

This golf simulator is a hole-in-one gift for iOS users


Grab a golf simulator without missing the green.
Happy holidays are par for the course with this ingenious golf simulator.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Golf is fun, but by nature it’s one of the only sports you can’t really carry around. That’s something the golf lovers in your life certainly know and wish wasn’t true. And even when there’s time, the price of joining a country club can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars a month.

If you have a golfer who wishes they could hit the course more often, but doesn’t have the time or spare cash, get them the TruGolf Mini golf simulator, on sale now for $299 (regularly $399).