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Fat cats can order their gold-dipped 2018 iPhones right now


But how will people know you're filthy rich unless you tell them in the loudest way possible?
Photo: Goldgenie

Apple’s next-gen iPhones haven’t even been announced yet, but already a few rich folks are seemingly worried about how they’ll stand out from the pack with a boring old regular 2018 Apple handset. Fortunately, the gold-plating firm Goldgenie has a six or even seven-figure answer for them.

Currently available to pre-order are both the 5.8 and 6.5-inch OLED iPhones heavily rumored for next month — with a glitzy gold finish.

Start saving now for your 24-karat gold iPhone 6s


Want to make the other iPhone 6s owners jealous?
Photo: Goldgenie

The iPhone 6s isn’t even out yet, and already luxury goods companies are preparing to give folks with way too much money the chance to preorder their next-generation Apple handset in 24-karat gold.

Hot off the mark is Goldgenie, which is currently letting customers register their interest in an exclusive luxury box set containing both a gold-plated iPhone 6s and a gold Apple Watch.

Wanted A Gold iPad? Get One From Goldgenie From Just $1,860



After Apple announced the iPhone 5s in gold, we felt sure that the latest iPads would be available in the same color, but that wasn’t to be the case. But don’t be disappointed. As long as you have lots of spare cash that you’re itching to spend, you can buy a gold-plated iPad Air or iPad mini from Goldgenie with prices starting at just $1,860.