Halloween iPhones trump candy as ultimate treat


Halloween iPhones
No tricks. You're getting a smartphone, kid.
Screen shot: GizmoSlip/YouTube

Brandon Baldwin normally hurls iPhones from a couple of stories up to see if they survive as a way to entertain the 3.2 million followers of his YouTube channel, GizmoSlip.

But on Halloween night, Baldwin and his co-hosts decided to see what would happen when you drop an iPhone into the candy bag of a trick-or-treater.

Cheap-ass case helps iPhone X survive deathly drop


The iPhone X is more useable than what it was encased in.
Photo: GizmoSlip/YouTube

The patent for a case that can protect an iPhone X from a 100-foot drop was filed in 1883 – toilet paper on a roll.

Admittedly, the history isn’t quite right, but the hosts of the YouTube channel GizmoSlip did discover that an iPhone X nestled in two rolls of toilet paper can fall form a drone high in the sky and look and work like new.