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Sci-fi toys spring to life in filmic photos


Alien Tourist
AT-AT in the Snow
Black Riders
Borg scout ship
Close Encounter
Face to face
Giant Robots
Haunted House
King of the Monsters
Long Snoot
Looks like The Doctor took the wrong turn to Metebelis Three...
Moonlit Interceptor
Multi-coloured Daleks
Party Wagon
Planet of the Apes Picnic
Who said Greedo doesn't fire first?
"Oh oh!"
"What'll it be? We've got squishees, overpriced coffee, blue milk..."
"What's that noise?"

By day, Robert Larner works for an investment firm. By night he directs Stormtroopers, Transformers and Daleks.

Using toys, camera tricks and a keen sense of story, the photographer delights Flickr and Instagram fans with movie stills. But the movies don’t exist.

The Scotsman grew up a discerning cineaste with a taste for the Indiana Jones, Back to the Future and Ghostbusters movie franchises, but his greatest inspiration — in film and toys — was Star Wars.

“I could probably track my interest in toys via Star Wars,” Larner says. “When I was a kid in the early ’80s, I was completely swept up by the original Kenner 3.75-inch range. Then, in the ’90s, the remastered movies came out along with whispers of the prequels so the Star Wars toy range was reintroduced, so that caught my interest again. However, it was when Lego had the bright idea of making Star Wars Lego sets in 1999 that I really got sucked in and I haven’t looked back since!”