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iTunes 11 Will Let You Redeem Giftcards With Your Camera



iTunes 11 has a really neat new feature that lets users redeem a giftcard without typing in a single character. Users can simply hold their giftcard up to the FaceTime camera on their Mac and iTunes will read the code and redeem the value for it.

This is the greatest feature Apple has ever invented. No longer shall consumers be subjected to really long funky alpha-numerical gift codes as we hunt-and-peck our way through entering the code into our computer in exchange for some free iTunes bucks. 

You Can Now Send Your Friends iTunes Credits As “Gifts” Over Facebook



Apple and Facebook haven’t had the most loving relationship ever. There was that time that Facbeook wouldn’t let them integrate Facebook Connect into Ping. And then Apple got them back by integrating Twitter into iOS before even talking to Facebook about it.

Things might have gotten a little bit better between the two companies though after Apple put Facebook into the core of iOS 6. Now delicious little fruits are springing out of their relationship, the latest of which, let’s Facebook users give their friends iTunes credits as a “gift.”

How To Make An Amazing Apple Themed Costume For Halloween [Halloween Costume Guide]



It’s nearly time for Halloween, which mean you really need to figure out what you’re going to wear when you go trick or treating. Yeah, you could just stop by the store and buy a costume that thousands of people across the country are also going to buy, or you could be totally awesome and make your own.

To help you out we’ve created a guide on how to make your own Apple themed costume. Some are extremely easy, while others require a lot of work. No matter which costume you choose to go with you’ll be ready to show of your love for Apple in a unique way. Check them out: