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Vodafone Germany Has iPhone 5 Nano-SIMs Ready To Ship


Ready for your iPhone 5.
Ready for your iPhone 5.

With Apple’s iPhone 5 announcement now just over 24 hours away, and a possible launch just over one week away, carriers are preparing for what will undoubtedly be the fastest-selling smartphone of all-time. Vodafone Germany is the latest to receive stock of the handset’s new nano-SIM, and they’re ready to be shipped out to the iPhone 5’s early adopters.

Carriers Start Getting The Next iPhone’s Nano-SIMs Ahead Of Rumored September 21st Launch



There’s no mention of the next iPhone in the note, but German carrier T-Mobile has been sending out these tiny nanoSIMs for “the latest generation of smartphones” launching shortly. And since the next iPhone, which many believe will launch on September 21st, is widely thought to be the first smartphone to boast the new nanoSIM standard, it’s pretty obvious T-Mobile’s trying to put this SIM in place for the iPhone 5.

Bet we’ll start seeing these same SIM cards popping up at AT&T soon enough.

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Apple Loses Appeal To Restore iCloud Push Services In Germany


iOS users in Germany will no longer see iCloud emails pushed to their devices thanks to Motorola.
Photo: Apple

Apple has lost an appeal against a court ruling in Germany to have its iCloud push services restored. The service was disabled back in February after it was ruled that Apple had infringed on patents owned by Motorola Mobility. While iCloud is still available, users now have to open up their Mail app and fetch new email manually, or set their device to fetch email at certain intervals.

Apple May Legally Force Motorola To Destroy Their Phones




Germany has become quite the hotbed for patent lawsuits lately as it’s been in the spotlight for the Apple vs Motorola Mobility legal battle. As the legal war rages on, a new ruling has found that Motorola did indeed violate Apple’s EU Patent No. EP2059868 on a “portable electronic device for photo management”. The patent in question basically fixes over scrolling by bouncing the user back a bit once they’ve zoomed in too far, and even though this patent is software specific, it may have repercussions on Motorola’s hardware if they don’t come up with a fix quickly.

Apple Awarded Injunction Against Motorola Android Products In Germany And Why It Only Matters To Lawyers



The latest ruling to come out of the ridiculous patent game comes in favor of Apple and awards them an injunction on Motorola Android products found to infringe on an Apple patent regarding scrolling behavior in the photo gallery application. What does this ruling actually mean for German users? Nothing really. Motorola will simply push an update to change the scrolling behavior and that will be the end of that. Will German Motorola users notice the change? Most likely not. So what was the point? The same point of everything that involves lawyers — money.

Apple Can Still Sell iPad And iPhone After Winning Big Victory Over Motorola In Germany



Although the war will rage on for a few more years, Apple just scored a major victory in their legal war with Motorola Mobility in Germany. In December 2011 Apple lost a preliminary injunction with Motorola and faced the possibility of having their 3G-enabled products, like the iPad and iPhone, barred from Germany. However, a recent decision by the Karlsruhe Higher Regional Court has ruled that Motorola can not enforce their injunction against Apple while the appeals process is underway, meaning Apple is free to sell their products in Germany until the appeal has been resolved.

Apple Unlikely to Knock Galaxy Tab 10.1N Out of Germany


Photo by mikemccaffrey -
Photo by mikemccaffrey -

Apple is unlikely to convince German courts to block sales of Samsung’s newly-revised Galaxy Tab 10.1N tablet. That’s the opinion of one report, citing comments that the device “has moved sufficiently from the legally protected design.” In this instance, looks are everything and the South Korean company appears to have dodged a legal bullet using cosmetic sleight of hand.

Apple Is Internally Testing A New Quad-Core iPhone With 720p, 16:9 Display [Rumor]



With every new iPhone, we know to expect a faster processor and faster GPU. However, a weird report coming out of Germany says that Apple isn’t just testing new CPUs and GPUs for the next generation of iPhone… they are also testing some truly bizarro resolutions that could indicate that Apple will radically redesign the iPhone in 2012 to be even higher resolution and with an entirely new aspect ratio.

Apple Told To Stop Selling Products In Germany Within Two Weeks… But Apple’s Unlikely To Comply


Apple's Munich Store Photo by Vokabre -
Apple's Munich Store Photo by Vokabre -

Despite a preliminary injunction granted Motorola Mobility on Friday, Apple continues to sell products in Germany. The tech giant has a two-week window until it must argue why a court’s default judgement should be reversed, averting the possible stop of retail and online sales in the nation.

Vodafone Germany Lists iPhone 4S in 16GB, 32GB & 64GB Capacities on its Website



Apple’s upcoming ‘iPhone 4S‘ seems to have appeared all over the place over the past few days. Firstly the Cupertino company itself leaked the device within an iTunes beta, then Cincinnati Bell listed it — along with the iPhone 5 — on its website. Vodafone Germany is the latest to claim its share of the free publicity, listing the device on its website with 16GB, 32GB and 64GB of storage.

Job Listings Point to New Apple Store in Augsburg, Germany



Job listings for ‘Store Leader’ positions on Apple’s German site suggest that the company is opening a new retail store in Augsburg, Germany, which could be its sixth in the country following the recent opening of the Dresden store.

The listings were first picked up by German Mac blog (Google translation) after selecting the state of Bavaria in Apple’s online job search. It’s unclear where exactly in Augsburg the new store could be located, however, it’s expected it will end up in the biggest mall in that area – the City-Galerie Augsburg – around 40 miles from the Munich store.

Apple announced that it plans to open 40-50 new stores in 2011, around half of which would be located outside the United States. At the end of the company’s first fiscal quarter for this year, it had 236 stores in the U.S. and 87 internationally.

[via ifoAppleStore]

iPad Is A Hit In German Parliament



Politicians in Germany are using iPads en masse in the Bundestag, the German parliament chamber.

According to the English translation of this Spiegel article, the iPad is a reasonable expense claim for the politicians, so ownership has spread like wildfire through the chamber.

Although a popular tool for research and answering email, one member has been caught out playing chess during a meeting.

There’s a photo gallery of smiling German politicians and their iPads here, if that’s your sort of thing.

Apple Is Now Selling Unlocked, Contract-Free iPhones In Germany



With T-Mobile losing its iPhone exclusivity in Germany to O2 and Vodafone, the last European iPhone exclusivity deal is dead. That’s good news for German consumers, who now are not only in a position to avail themselves of the spoils of the carrier wars as different mobile providers scramble to attract customers, but who also now have the option to buy an unlocked iPhone directly from Apple.

With T-Mobile Losing German iPhone 4 Exclusivity, Will AT&T Be The Next To Topple?



All across Europe, iPhone exclusivity deals have already toppled, but here in Germany, T-Mobile still remains standing as the sole carrier of the iPhone 4. The foundations are wobbly, though, as numerous other carriers in the country have begun selling the iPhone 3GS, marking the first time more than one company has offered the iPhone… even if one of those iPhone’s is markedly superior.

It now looks like T-Mobile’s exclusivity deal is finally about to collapse entirely though. According to the Wall Street Journal, Deutsche Telekom is preparing for the loss of the iPhone 4 exclusive in time for the holiday shopping season… while Vodafone and O2 are similarly preparing to carry it.

It’s in Apple’s best interest to sell the iPhone 4 on as many networks as possible, and every country that has seen an exclusivity deal end has seen iPhone sales and profits meteorically rise.

Note the timing here as well: T-Mobile is losing the iPhone 4 exclusive by the end of the year. Meanwhile, here in the States, it is heavily rumored that Verizon will get a special CDMA version of the iPhone 4 in January.

It looks like Apple is just letting all of its existing contracts lapse. Now that T-Mobile looks set to lose its exclusivity contract for the German market, can AT&T be far behind?