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iWork, Office and Google Docs banned from German schools


iWork could expose user data to U.S. authorities.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s iWork platform has been banned from German schools alongside Microsoft Office 365 and Google Docs.

Privacy regulators say that using the cloud-based services “exposes personal information about students and teachers.” They also suggest that the data might be accessed by U.S. authorities.

Team Rocket hot air balloon signals Pokémon Go arrival


Pokémon GO’s best year yet shows novelty doesn't have to wear off
Pokémon GO’s best year yet shows novelty doesn't have to wear off
Photo: The Pokémon Company

A Team Rocket hot air balloon flown over Dortmund, Germany, this week all but confirms the evil gang’s imminent arrival in Pokémon Go.

Emblazoned with a Team Rocket logo, the balloon appeared on day one of Europe’s first ever Pokémon Go Fest. It’s the latest in a number of teasers Niantic has put out to signal Team Rocket’s introduction.

But what will it mean for Pokémon Go?

iOS 13 will read NFC tags in ID cards and passports in Germany


It’s already possible if you use Android.
Photo: Bundesministerium des Innern, für Bau und Heimat

iPhone users will be able to scan German ID cards, passports, and more when iOS 13 rolls out this fall, according to local authorities.

The functionality will allow digital versions of those documents to be carried on an iOS device so that they are always accessible. Recent reports have confirmed users in Japan will be able to do the same with national ID cards.

Apple Watch helps save 80-year-old woman in Germany


fall detection
Fall detection was one of the big features introduced with the Apple Watch Series 4.
Photo: Apple

The ECG feature on the Apple Watch Series 4 gets the lion’s share of headlines about potentially life-saving incidents. However, it’s the wearable’s fall-detecting ability which is the hero of the latest story of this kind.

In Munich, Germany, an 80-year-old woman fell in her apartment. Fortunately, her Apple Watch recognized what had happened and called emergency services.

Apple Watch ECG already helped save a life in Germany


Apple Watch ECG debuted in Germany last week.
Apple Watch ECG debuted in Germany last week.
Photo: Apple

The electrocardiogram (ECG) feature of the Apple Watch was only turned on last week in Europe there’s already a report of it discovering a serious heart condition in a German man.

This is exactly what it’s intended to do: find heart problems for which there are no obvious symptoms.

Apple once again selling older iPhone models in Germany


You can once again buy iPhone 7 and 8 handsets from Apple Stores in Germany.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple has seemingly reached a compromise in its battle with Qualcomm in Germany. It will resume selling older iPhone models in Apple Stores in Germany, after previously withdrawing them following a court decision. However, it will sell iPhones only with Qualcomm chips inside.

This means not selling iPhone 7 and 8 models which contain Intel chips. Apple began phasing in Intel modem chips back in 2016. Last year, it dropped Qualcomm entirely in favor of Intel.

Qualcomm wants Apple to pay dearly for selling iPhones in Germany


jet black iphone 7 plus
Apple stores are banned from selling the iPhone 7 in Germany.
Photo: Apple

Qualcomm is revving up its legal battle with Apple. In a new court filing in Munich, Qualcomm demanded “significant fines” be put on the iPhone-maker for not complying with a previous court order.

Apple was barred from selling some iPhones in Germany at the end of 2018. The company pulled the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 at its retail stores, but Qualcomm is crying foul that other third-party shops still had units in stock.