A delivery service for geeks? Yep, that’s a thing now [Deals]


Get geeky gear, artwork, clothes, and more from top brands and franchises delivered every month.
Get geeky gear, artwork, clothes, and more from top brands and franchises delivered every month.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

There’s never been a better time to be called a geek — the term has come to describe a culture represented by some of the biggest films, TV shows, games and gatherings in the whole world. Those who speak geek love to express their fandom for the fantastic in the tangible form of gear, collectibles, toys, apparel, artwork. Loot Crate delivers all of the above and more right to your door each month, and right now you can get a 3-month subscription for just $49.

Watch every superhero ever fight each other in epic Marvel vs. DC trailer!



Every comics-loving kid has spent more than a few houra wondering who would win in a fight: Superman or Thor? Captain America or Batman? Spider-Man or the Flash? Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel?

In comics, we’ve seen those questions answered a few times, most recently in Marvel and DC’s Amalgam crossover of the mid-90’s. But when it comes to Marvel and DC’s cinematic universes, we’ve never seen a cross-property showdown.

This epic trailer, though, gives a pretty good idea of the movie that would emerge if Marvel and DC did decide to team-up for a summer blockbuster.

Role-reversing comic book video shows the truth about geeks


"Who got you into comics? Was it your mom, you sister? " Photo: Buzzfeed

“So, what do you cosplay as?” asks this geek girl in the comic book shop. “Slutty Hawkeye? Slutty Thor? Slutty Iron Man?”

The video below is one of those “funny because it’s true” situations, as many women who love superheroes and comics hear the same kinds of questions and face the same sort of dismissive candor from geeky men who can’t seem to realize that everyone loves comics and superhero movies.

Check it out and see how annoying it would be to face this kind of discrimination.

Wil Wheaton nerds out in his new SyFy show



Wil Wheaton gets his own show starting Tuesday, May 27, in which the uber-nerd best known for his portrayal of Wesley Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Gordie in Stand By Me gets to wax rhapsodic about his favorite subject: geek culture.

Wheaton is no stranger to celebrity nor the science fiction genre, calling himself one of the Star Wars generation. “Science Fiction had the ability to be meaningful and socially relevant,” he says in a video interview on SyFy, “but in a way that flew under the radar of people not looking for that sort of commentary.”

His new show will have Wheaton in his fully nerd-hero persona, talking about what fantasy, science fiction, and horror genre movies, TV shows, and culture gets right (and ranting about what it gets wrong).

Here’s a teaser trailer to whet your appetite, below.

Double Feature Answers The Question ‘What Movie Were Those Guys In Together?’



Double Feature is a great new iPhone app which is going to revolutionize drunken, late-night movie conversations in pubs, bars and kitchens the world over. It has two functions: Movie Match and Name Search. But all you need to know is that when you find yourself saying “Who was that guy in [x] movie? I can’t remember his name… But hey, wasn’t he in [y] movie, too?” then Double Feature is the app you reach for.