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Samsung accidentally leaks its next Apple Watch competitor


Behold! The Samsung Watch in rose gold.
Photo: Samsung

Samsung is planning to take on Apple Watch with a totally rebranded smartwatch of its own — and we already know what it will look like.

Samsung leaked photos of the upcoming smartwatch on its own website this morning. Unlike previous versions of the company’s watch, this one looks a bit more stylish. You’ll probably be shocked to know it borrows some design elements that make Apple Watch so appealing.

Samsung’s next stab at Apple Watch lands Wednesday


Samsung Gear S3
Samsung's fight against Apple Watch won't end.
Photo: Samsung

Samsung will take a new stab at Apple Watch on Wednesday.

The South Korean company has scheduled an event in Berlin on August 30, where it will unwrap a brand new wearable. A teaser animation posted on Twitter backs up recent rumors that have claimed health and fitness will be its primary focus.