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Apple will expand its corporate reach by teaming with HP Enterprise


Apple enterprise
Apple’s push into the corporate world continues.
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Apple plans to expand its presence in the corporate sector by teaming with Hewlett Packard Enterprise in the United Kingdom, a new job listing reveals.

Similar partnerships are already in place with the likes of IBM, Cisco, and SAP. Apple is now seeking a strategic partner manager who will lead its new efforts with HPE from London.

General Electric nearly bought Apple in 1996


The iPhone could've been made by GE.
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Apple Inc. and General Electric are two of the most iconic American companies of the last century, but back in 1996 they almost become one company as GE CEO Jack Welch considered buying the computer maker.

It would have only cost GE $2 billion and the current Apple CEO, Michael Spindler, was begging Welch to pull the trigger on the deal in order to save the struggling company.

Apple Climbs Up To Second In Best Global Brands Survey


Apple is the "top riser" in the Best Global Brands survey.

Apple has climbed up to the second spot in Interbrand’s “Best Global Brands” survey of 2012, with an estimated brand value of $76.5 billion. The Cupertino company is second only to Coca-Cola, worth an estimated $77.8 billion, and it leaves IBM, Google, and Microsoft trailing behind.

General Electric: To Our Employees, iPhones Are As Important As Light Bulbs


Photo by chuckthewriter - http://flic.kr/p/6st5v1
Photo by chuckthewriter - http://flic.kr/p/6st5v1

When your company is 120-years-old and synonymous with the light bulb, it can be difficult convincing prospective workers that you’re hip and with it. But GE thinks it has what it takes: the iPhone. An executive says its support of the Apple handset helps new employees see the global conglomerate as a ‘contemporary company.’