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Robinhood app suffers ‘degraded performance’ as GameStop stock controversy rages


Robs the rich to feed the poor. Or something.
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The Robinhood stock-trading app suffered from “degraded performance” Thursday morning, the company said. The problems arose as users bombarded the app with negative reviews after Robinhood stopped the sale of certain stocks driven up by Reddit users.

This is the latest twist in the tumultuous (and still unfolding) story of Reddit versus Wall Street. It started when coordinated Redditors banded together to drive up the share price of GameStop after a hedge fund shorted the stock.

Simply Mac will shutter multiple stores across U.S.


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Simply Mac is closing a number of its stores.
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Simply Mac, the GameStop-owned Apple Authorized Reseller, is closing a number of its stores around the United States.

The list of stores affected hasn’t been released as of yet, but outlets in North Carolina, North Dakota, Montana, Texas and Illinois will all be affected.

Just In Time For New iPhones, Walmart Launches Its Smartphone Trade-In Program



If you’re hoping to pick up one of Apple’s new iPhones next Friday, but you need a little cash to put towards it, then it might be worth heading down to your local Walmart with your old smartphone. The retailer is set to launch its own smartphone trade-in program, which will give you between $50 and $300 when you hand over your old device and sign into a new plan.

Walloped By The App Store, GameStop Will Start Selling And Trading In iOS Hardware


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As the number of gamers turning to Apple’s handhelds continues to increase, America’s largest game retailer is going to try to pander to them. GameStop is reportedly set to begin selling Apple’s iOS devices in a bid to stay relevant in the modern gaming market. You might think that’s a surprising move, but it’s really a desperate one.