Samsung: We Made Gold Phones Before Apple Ever Did



Over the last couple of years Samsung has earned itself a reputation for using Apple products as “inspiration” and then copying them in the most blatant ways possible.

The fury of Apple fans was ignited again last week as Samsung was caught shamelessly copying the Apple’s new golden iPhone  creation – the golden iPhone 5s – when the South Korean smartphone maker announced it would be selling a gold variant of the Galaxy S4.  Apple fans were quick to dismiss the smartphone as another copycat move,but Samsung took to its corporate blog to explain that it’s totally not copying the gold iPhone because they’ve made tons of gold phones in the past (kind of).

Moto X Tops iPhone 5s In Durability Test, Galaxy S4 Comes In Last [Video]



The iPhone 5s might be the closest any smartphone’s ever come to perfection,  but none of its shiny glass, metal and chamfered surfaces really matter if they can stand up to some daily wear and tear. To see which new smartphone is the most durable, the gadget insurance company SquareTrade pitted the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c against the Moto X and Samsung Galaxy S4, in a series of damage tests, including getting dunked in water.

In the end, Moto X came out on top, with the iPhone 5s coming in a close second. The Galaxy S4 on the other hand didn’t fair too well, and was dominated by everyone, including the cheaper the iPhone 5c.

Watch the full results below:

Apple And Samsung Grabbed 103% Of Cellphone Profits In 2012



When it comes to smartphone manufacturers, right now there are really only two companies that really matter – Apple and Samsung. Not only do they both have the most marketshare, but they’re making a ton of profit. In fact, they’re making so much money that the two companies combined account for 103% of the total cellphone profits of 2012.

Wait, isn’t it impossible to account for 103% of the profit? Well, no. Because operators like BlackBerry, Motorola, and Nokia operated at a loss last year, Apple and Samsung were able to make more than 100% of the profit, which is pretty insane.