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Chinese Manufacturer Teases World’s First Smartphone With 2K Display



When it comes to smartphone displays, how many pixels is too many? Most of us believe the current crop of 1080p displays shipping with today’s flagships provide more than enough for our handheld devices, but Chinese manufacturer Vivo disagrees.

The company has begun teasing the Xplay3S, its new smartphone that will become the world’s first with a 2K display. 

New LG Ads Detect Which Phone You’re Using So That They Can Troll You



When you’re browsing the web on your mobile, prepare to stumble across new popups that bash the smartphone you’re using.

LG, together with advertising agency M&C Saatchi, has designed intelligent new ads that find out what smartphone you’re using to take trolling to a new level. They’ll pick common faults with your iPhone, your Galaxy S4, or your HTC One — and then tell you why the LG G2 is better.

T-Mobile’s Latest Android Phone Is Jailbreak-Proof… And The iPhone Could Be Next



In the iPhone world, the phrase “cat and mouse” brings to mind just one thing: the perpetual struggle between the iPhone Dev Team and Apple when it comes to hacking iOS devices to run unsigned code, commonly referred to as a jailbreak.

Most recently, it seemed like the mouse had managed to drop a ten ton anvil on the cat’s head with the SHAtter exploit, a jailbreaking technique which will work on all iOS devices that is only patchable by Apple through hardware. If what’s going on in the Android landscape is anything to go by, Cupertino might soon regain the upper hand.