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Who Needs To See Instagram Photos When Twitter Can Tell You What They Look Like?


It's tempting to fave every single one
It's tempting to fave every single one

Twitter feed of the week – possibly the year – has got to be Text-Only Instagram, which gently pokes fun at Instagram and the kind of photos you often see there.

“Latte with foam shaped like a heart,” it reports. And later, simply: “Feet.”

It’s satire, yes, but the problem is that it really works. Read those tweets and you instantly conjure up an image in your head that fits the description.

Don’t let the satire make you mad, Instagrammers! It’s just a bit of fun. And you can subvert it by making your Instagrams increasingly weirder. Someone might even start by, say, taking Instagrams of the the Text-Only Instagram Twitter feed. Oh wait, that’s started already.

This iOS App Blows Your Mind In Four Dimensions [Review]


Watch out for the cuboid shadow of the 4D object later on
Watch out for the cuboid shadow of the 4D object later on

If, like many people, you find Mondays just too much to cope with, you might want to avoid today’s app. It’s not the sort of thing that’s going to make your Monday feel any better, and in some cases it will just fry your brain until next Monday. Which would be a shame, because you’d miss out on a whole weekend.

Be forewarned, then: The Fourth Dimension is an app which will mess with your head. Deliberately. Even though the aim is education and expansion of knowledge, it will still mess with your head. You will emerge from the experience only fractionally the wiser, and quite a lot more confused than you were at the beginning. Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal.

Can You Face Terrifying Cat Of Doom? We Try Trailers In iMovie For iOS [Review]



Along with everything else in iLife for iOS (and iWork too), iMovie got an update at the new iPad announcement on Wednesday. The big new feature is trailers, which you may have used before on the desktop. Now you can make them on iPhones (4 or later) and iPads (2 or later).

We wanted to put the new iMovie through its paces, so here’s a trailer we made.

Python’s Hunt For Holy Grail Continues On iPad – One For True Fans Only [Review]



Fans of Monty Python, gather your dead parrots and your stuffed John Cleese plushies: today is your day to celebrate the official launch of Monty Python: The Holy Book of Days for iPad, an app that gives faithful Python followers everything they could ever wish for on a plate, with strawberries on top. The rest of us might be left wondering what the fuss is about, though.

Rejected: The Mountain Lions Apple Left Behind [Humor]



With all the news about OS X Mountain Lion, one can only wonder which felines didn’t make the cut for Apple’s next-gen operating system. Luckily, iPhoneSavior managed to get its hands on exclusively leaked images of all the rejected cats. As you can see, there were several great candidates.

Personally, I would have liked to have seen this great image in every copy of Mountain Lion: