Fring Brings Group Video Chat To iPad



Beating Skype to the iPad by just one day, VoIP app Fring is now available as a universal app on the iOS App Store, and it has one big advantage over Skype: not only can it work as an IM client, playing nice with Facebook, MSN Messenger, GTalk and more, but it’s also the first iPad app to support group video-calling over WiFi and 3G.

A fantastic update to a fantastic app. You can download it here.

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‘Fring’ Update Brings Group Video Calling to iOS



Skype Access Temporarily Removed from Fring App



Early today in Fring’s 3G Videochat App Is Must-Have for iPhone 4 we reported that the popular Fring app for iPhone was updated to include video chat over 3G (Apple’s FaceTime only works over Wi-Fi).

The immediate popularity of the app and how it interfaces to Skype video and voice calls has resulted in the removal of Skype support from the app. Fring wants to concentrate on Fring-to-Fring video calling so Skype support is being temporarily reduced until some system capacity issues can be addressed.

Fring’s official statement can be found on their website.

If you haven’t updated your Fring app on your iPhone 4 or in iTunes yet you should refrain from doing so. You may still be able to access Skype using the older version. The new version without Skype support is If retaining the old version of Fring  still works with Skype for you please leave us a comment.

Fring’s 3G Videochat App Is Must-Have For iPhone 4



Popular multi-IM and voice-chat service Fring has just been updated to bring 2-way video calling on iPhone 4 over 3G (Apple’s FaceTime is Wi-Fi only), as well as voice and text chat.

We’ve tested it out; while it has a few minor issues, Fring has freed videochat from Wi-Fi. If you like to videochat on your new iPhone 4, it’s a must-have app.