Would You Be Angry If Apple Introduced A Smaller Dock Connector This Fall? [Let’s Talk]



The writing is on the wall my friends. Apple is going to announce a sleek and beautiful new iPhone in September, only instead of using the traditional 30-pin connector, it’s going to use something a lot smaller. Like, “maybe only 9-pins” smaller. Apple might sell an adaptor so your old iPod speaker docks can play nice with the new connector, but will that satisfy you?

Does the news make you sad or angry? Or maybe you’re like, “Smaller dock connector? Hells yeah! Now all my iDevices are going to be slimmer and cooler.” I dunno. You tell me. We want to hear how you feel about the smaller dock connector and whether or not you’re worried it will ruin all of your Apple accessories.

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Do You Ever Use The YouTube App On Your iPhone? [Let’s Talk]



When the iPhone first came out I remember using the YouTube app almost everyday for the first couple of months. It was amazing to be able to stream videos anywhere I had service, even if it took forever for them to buffer. It was magic. I couldn’t get enough. And then I stopped using it.

Now the YouTube app feels like a clunky old dinasaur. I get annoyed when a link opens a YouTube video up in the app rather than the web browser, and I hide the app in my “Apps I Wish I Could Just Delete” folder, along with Stocks, NewStand, and a few others.

Do you ever use the YouTube app? Why or why not?

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What’s The Coolest “Hidden” Feature You’ve Found In Mountain Lion [Let’s Talk]



Mountain Lion is packed with over 200 new features, some of which you may never notice. Like did you know you can change the name of documents just by clicking its name up in the menu bar now? Or there’s tons of neat little things in the Accessibility Settings that will steal 15 minutes of your life as you play with them.

Now that you’ve had a few days to play around with Mountain Lion, what have you found that’s surprised you? Have you found any tricks and hidden features yet? If so, what are they?


What’s The Best RSS Reader App For Mac? [Let’s Talk]




With the launch of Mountain Lion, Apple also pushed out an update to Safari which removed the RSS button so many people loved. We received a lot of email over the past 24 hours asking what the best RSS Reader Apps for Mac are, but we figure you guys read just as much news as us, so why not ask you.

What’s the best RSS Reader App for Mac, and why? What do you look for most in an RSS Reader?


Are iPads Really Cannibalizing Mac Sales? [Let’s Talk]




Apple’s earnings call is set for 2pm PST today, where Tim Cook and the gang will talk all about sales figures for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Even though the Mac has enjoyed great sales numbers over the past few years while all other PC makers are experiencing a decline, the Mac isn’t growing as steadily as it once had. Is the iPad to blame?

What have you noticed among you and your friends? Are you considering abandoning the Mac altogether in favor of the convenience of the iPad? We want to hear from you on whether you think the iPad is already replacing desktop computers for novice PC users.


Welcome To The New Cult Of Mac Forums! [Announcement]



(Editor’s Note: This post has been stickied to the top of the front page. There may be more recent news posts below it.)

As writers at Cult of Mac, we have one of the coolest jobs on the planet. We get to sit at home, in our  underwear, and talk about Apple and new technology all day. It’s an awesome privilege that we truly enjoy, but there’s been something missing on Cult of Mac over the last few years.

We have some amazingly passionate readers that love Apple just as much, or more, than we do. We’re lucky to have readers with great insights on the latest Apple news who are also creative and eager to share. You guys ARE The Cult of Mac, and we haven’t been great at providing a platform for you to gather, interact, and share everything you know and love about Apple. But we’re ready to change all that.

Today, Cult of Mac is proud to announce that we’re launching our new forums and they’re made just for you. A place where Apple fans across the globe can come hangout to meet other Apple fans and share their creative insights into all things Apple.

Apple Introduces Apple Support Communities



I tried to look up something this Sunday morning on Apple’s Discussion Forums and they were down. Now fast forward to this evening after all the obligatory Sunday events and the sites back up along with a big surprise.  Apple has launched Apple Support Communities. The site is back up in a big way.

Apple Support Communities are a revised version of Apple’s popular discussion forums. The site now makes it easier for Mac, Mac OS X, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and iOS users to find answers to problems or questions they might have.

Evidence For New MacBook Air, iLife ’11 Found In Apple’s Forums



In just two and a half hours, we can all expect Steve Jobs to strut on stage and orgiastically unburden himself of the many new secret products and developments kept a lid upon in Cupertino for the past few months… but thanks to some too-eager web monkey’s blunder over on the official Apple support forums, we have semi-official confirmation of several new products that we now know to expect later today.

Apparently, the official Apple forums have already been setup with new sections dedicated to iMovie ’11, iPhoto ’11 and GarageBand ’11… all of which are applications to be found in the rumored iLife ’11 software suite that is expected to be announced today.

There’s more juicy gossip than that though: the Polish geeks who found the new product sections also found one for the new MacBook Air, as well as a “Reserved 2010” section, which could be just about anything. Does Steve have a surprise announcement up his sleeve, or will that Reserved 2010 sub-forum turn into an official section for Mac OS X 10.7 or even the CDMA iPhone?

Apple Censoring Discussion Forums Ref. Consumer Reports



Apple has started to delete threads full of comments about the Consumer Reports article bashing the iPhone 4 antenna from its support forums.

Apple’s Discussion Forum censors went into overdrive today in what appears to be an attempt by Apple to squash all references to the Consumer Reports statement that it “can’t recommend” the iPhone 4 until the antenna issues are fixed, issues that their labs and I’ve independently confirmed on my own iPhone 4.

This isn’t the first time that Apple has had sour grapes about topics posted to their support forums. They have been known to regularly delete discussions about hardware or software flaws that Apple wasn’t ready to talk about. I’ve heard and read about Apple’s dreadful censoring habit for years when there were issues about iMacs, Powerbooks, and Mac OS X Leopard. It wasn’t until today that I saw a real example of Apple’s censorship happening to something that interested me.

I checked the forum postings that were in earlier reports and I wasn’t able to access them and received this error: “Error: you do not have permission to view the requested forum or category.” I searched the forums and found two live threads (at press time) here and here. Ironically, the first thread has disappeared only to be replaced by the error message and so far the second thread is still live, but I’m sure that won’t last very long.

Unfortunately for Apple, but luckily for us is that the Internet has a lot of wide open spaces that can be used to discuss the antenna issue that Apple does not want to admit to — so go ahead voice your comments good or bad here on Cult of Mac.