Gold iPhone 5S For Chinese Market? It Wouldn’t Be Very Popular [Chart]



If you believe recent scuttlebutt, one of the reasons Apple is looking to release a gold iPhone 5S later this year is because gold is a color that sells really well in China. Is that supposition even remotely true though? If it is, it should be quantifiable.

Fortune’s Philip Elmer-DeWitt went looking for data to see if Chinese buyers really do like gold. Data’s actually pretty slim, but if the cars Chinese consumers buy are any concern, not only is gold not their favorite color… it’s only slightly more popular than puke green.

Analysts Estimate iPad Sales Have Slowed To 18.1 Million In Q3 2013





After refreshing its iPad lineup in the fall last year, rather than summer, Apple set itself up to go through a June quarter without a new iPad launch for the first time since it was introduced in 2010.

With Apple’s Q3 2013 quickly approaching on July 23rd, analysts have already begun to make their iPad sales estimates, and to no one’s surprise, YOY growth has slowed to a crawl in Q3 2013.

Apple Moves Up To 19 In Fortune Global 500 Survey


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A former Apple lawyer faces criminal insider trading charges.
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Apple has moved up to number 19 in the latest Fortune Global 500 survey thanks to its financial performance throughout 2012, which saw the Cupertino company collect $157 billion in revenue. The iPhone 5 and the iPad mini have been credited for its success over the past 12 months.

Apple Ranks #6 On Fortune 500



Last year, Apple was ranked 17th in Fortune’s annual list of public U.S. corporations as ranked by their gross revenue. This year? Despite Wall Street skepticism that has seen share prices tumble, Apple is now ranked number 6 in the Fortune 500. Boom.

Apple Will Need To Make A Low End iPhone If They Want To Win China



While Tim Cook has been CEO, Apple’s stock price has been soared into the stratosphere. Some believe Apple’s incredible growth is bound to plummet in the near future because, come on, how many more iPhones and iPads can they really sell to their U.S. and European customers?

In a new story for Fortune, Bill Powell argues that the sky’s still the limit for Apple, they just have to win in China. But Apple – with all its power and iconic devices that consumers lust for – is actually an underdog in the battle to win the Chinese handset market, and they’re going have to learn some new tricks if they hope to beat Samsung and others.

Apple Is The 8th Fastest-Growing Company In The World


Apple Store in Hong Kong show support for World AIDS Day.
Apple Store in Hong Kong show support for World AIDS Day.
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Apple’s stock price has continued to rise the last couple of weeks making it the most valuable company in the world, and debatably the most valuable company ever. Some might think that Apple can’t sustain those numbers over the long-term, but right now their prospects are looking great.

The scary thing – if you’re an Apple competitor – is that even though Apple is huge right now, it’s still growing. Fortune released their list of the 100 fastest-growing companies in the world today, and Apple came in at #8 while competitors like Google and Samsung didn’t even make the list.

Former Apple Retail Chief Ron Johnson Explains Why People Pay More For Apple Products



When Ron Johnson left Target to become Apple’s Retail Chief in 2000, people thought he was absolutely nuts. Apple was in danger of going out of business, and other PC manufacturers like Gateway were closing their retail locations. Johnson ignored all the warning signs because he says he saw that Apple was about to be a huge part of the digital revolution. He also recognized that Apple offered consumers something other companies couldn’t – amazing products and an incredible retail experience.

In a recent interview at Fortune Conferences, Johnson explained why customers choose to come to the Apple store to buy their products when they could get them on Amazon or Best Buy for a lot cheaper: