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MacBook Pro: Too slow and not enough ‘pro’ [Review]


MacBook Pro
The new MacBook Pro is here, but is it worth it?
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

It’s been four long years since Apple’s last big update to the MacBook Pro lineup. But Apple finally answered our prayers and delivered us the brand new MacBook Pro we’ve been waiting for — or did it?

It’s a beautiful machine with an intriguing new interface element called the Touch Bar. Check out my full MacBook Pro review below for more.

iFixit teardown reveals Force Touch trackpad’s secret sauce


The Force Touch Trackpad is more magical than ever. Photo: iFixit

We’re still waiting for the unbelievably gorgeous 12-inch MacBook to ship, but our friends at iFixit have already done a teardown on the updated MacBook Pro, revealing the secret sauce behind the new Force Touch Trackpad and Taptic Engine that both new Macs share.

The teardown shows that the Pro’s new trackpad is supported by four spring mounts and a panel that isn’t likely to be present on the 12-inch MacBook. It does have the same Force Touch engine, which is really just a bunch of wire coils wrapped around a ferromagnetic core to create the clicky vibrations.

Check out the full gory details below: