Dropbox Adds Super Simple Sharing For Your Documents



The ability to share my documents across all of my devices and have them with me wherever I go is indispensable to me, and so Dropbox is one service I couldn’t be without. However, one of its biggest flaws has always been the difficulty in sharing documents.

That’s no longer the case with Dropbox’s latest update, which makes it super simple to share your files with your friends, family, and colleagues.

Amaze Your Friends With Mac OS X Lion Improved Smart Folders [OS X Tips]



Smart Folders in Mac OS X Lion are finally something to talk about. In earlier versions of Mac OS X they were frankly kind of dumb, but not any more. They now act and work just like regular folders in Finder and they are incredibly fast. That is why Apple made a Smart Folder, All My Files, the default folder when you open a new Finder window in Mac OS X Lion.

How To Organize Your iPad The Right Way [Video How-To]



So you just got your iPad, and have loaded it up apps. Now what? It may seem like a hassle to hunt around for the apps you want and to page through all of those home screens. Well, there is an easier way. In this video, you’ll find out the best way to arrange your apps on your iPad.