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Get started with Focus modes and eliminate unwanted distractions


These are my custom Driving and Writing Home Screens.
Find out how to use Focus modes on iPhone, iPad and Mac. Your frazzled nerves will thank you.
Screenshot: D. Griffin Jones/Cult of Mac

Apple’s new Focus feature is like Do Not Disturb on steroids. It works on Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, and is much smarter than the Do Not Disturb of old. Since not all work or relaxation is created equal, you can set up Focus modes for specific situations to keep unwanted distractions at bay.

When you’re working, you might want email and Slack to come through, unless you’re in a meeting.

When you’re at home, you may want most notifications to come through, but not if you’re having have friends over, playing games or watching a show.

You need your iPhone and your Mac to be very different tools throughout the day — Focus modes are all about customizing them for everything you do.

Every Focus mode can have different rules for who can reach you and which apps can send alerts. You can even have your Home screen change automatically based on the current Focus mode. That way, you have access to the apps you use most in each situation. It’s a powerful tool.

How do you set this all up? Keep reading to find out.