Create Beautiful Digital Media With 1stFlip Flipbook Creator [Deals]



Print media is slowly dying out while digital is taking over by the day. This is exactly why we’ love ’re bringing you 1stFlip Flipbook Creator in our latest Cult of Mac Deals offer.

1stFlip Flipbook Creator allows you to convert PDFs into interactive pieces of content for your website. It gives you the ability to place your product in front of millions of viewers without needing to print and distribute anything. You can send readers your direct link or share your flipbook to your social networks, websites or blogs with one click. And Cult of Mac Deals has 1stFlip Flipbook Creator for only $35!

Produce Fun Videos With iStopMotion 3 For Mac [Deals]


CoM - iStopMotion3

This Cult of Mac Deals offer will unleash the creative artist in you, giving you the controls of what used to be only available to those making feature films.

Whether you are a parent, educator, student, or anyone else, iStopMotion 3 for Mac is not only fun, but a beneficial app that is easy enough for anyone to use. Now, thanks to Cult of Mac Deals, you can have this one-time feature film technology on your Mac for only $24.99!