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Apple ‘faces pressure’ to deliver foldable iPhone fast


Could it be here any day now?
Photo: Samsung

Apple is said to be under pressure to deliver a foldable iPhone that can compete with upcoming devices from the likes of Samsung and Huawei.

Apple “cannot afford to ignore” the foldable phone trend, according to a new report. If the company doesn’t catch up quickly, industry observers warn Cupertino could lose its reputation as being “a leader of innovation.”

Here’s how Apple plans to stop your foldable iPhone from breaking


Folding iPhone 2
Be sure to keep it warm!
Photo: Foldable News

With foldable smartphones becoming the hot new trend for 2019, iPhone fans are wondering when we’ll see something from Apple. It’s likely to be a while before a foldable iPhone hits the market, but there’s no question Apple is looking into it.

The company’s latest patent application details how it might prevent a foldable smartphone from breaking in cold weather.

Xiaomi just convinced me I need a foldable phone


Xiaomi foldable phone
We're not exactly clamoring for one.
Photo: Lin Bin/Xioami

“What’s the point of a foldable phone?” That’s the question the Cult of Mac team was asking when Samsung confirmed its first is coming this year. But after seeing Xiaomi’s impressive foldable phone prototype, I really, really want one.

Check out the teaser video below and try telling me it doesn’t look awesome.

Get legit tools and lessons for screenwriting, coding, and more [Week’s Best Deals]


Get pro-level tools and guidance for screenwriting, graphic design, coding, and more.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

We’re right in the middle of the dog days of summer. But the hottest place you’ll find is at the Cult of Mac Store. We’ve been busy stacking up a bunch of new deals that are ideal for digital creatives. We’ve got a set of lessons in coding for the all new iOS 11, and Adobe’s suite of graphic design apps. There’s also the industry standard app for screenwriters, and a rugged phone tripod for mobile photography and video. Discounts range from 40 percent to 95 percent off, read on for more details:

Samsung may launch bendable smartphones as early as 2017


Your new iPhone probably won't be this bendy, but it will be incredibly durable.
Samsung has been investigating this tech for years.
Photo: DVICE

Apple’s been rumored to be investigating flexible iPhone, capable of bending and folding without damage, for years now — but it seems that Samsung may beat Cupertino to actually launching a handset like this into the marketplace.

According to a new report, Samsung is planning to introduce two new smartphone models featuring flexible displays, including one able to fold in half “like a cosmetic compact.”

Ultra-widescreen iPhone could be the best, craziest concept ever


Oh, you were happy with a 5.5-inch iPhone were you? Cute.
Photo: Sonitac

Unless your name is Timothy Donald Cook, or you could get away with calling him T.C. to his face, chances are you don’t know exactly what Apple’s got planned for its next-gen iPhone 7.

Apple probably doesn’t have the idea of a “widescreen” iPhone 7 — complete with magically expanding display — in mind, but as wacky concept videos go, a new video from designers Sonitac is not only beautifully put together, but genuinely something I’ve not seen before.

Check it out below.

This iPhone stand bends over backward to please you


Meet Stanley, a soft little leather stand for your iPhone.
Meet Stanley, a soft little leather stand for your iPhone.
Photo: Distil Union

Stanley is a bendable, leather-and-felt iPhone stand that thinks different.

Instead of the standard aluminum and white plastic of many an iPhone stand, Distil Union’s Stanley is a soft, approachable bit of gear that will bend into all sorts of positions, letting you set the viewing angle and height of your iPhone with very little effort.

It’s a refreshing alternative to the typical tech common to other stands, a fact that’s gotten the Stanley funded at more than twice the requested amount on Kickstarter.

Apple Patents Futuristic iPhone With Flexible, Wraparound Display



We’ve been waiting for Samsung to launch a new smartphone with a flexible, wraparound display ever since the Korean company began showing off its new technology at trade shows like CES. But it may need to move a little faster if it wants to be the first to market with this new form factor.

A new Apple patent published today by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office shows the Cupertino company has been also experimenting with wraparound displays for the iPhone, which provide a more rounded form factor not too dissimilar to that of the fourth- and fifth-generation iPod nanos.

Say Goodbye To Shattered Screens! Next iPhone Will Feature Flexible OLED Display [Rumor]


Your new iPhone probably won't be this bendy, but it will be incredibly durable.
Your new iPhone probably won't be this bendy, but it will be incredibly durable. (Image courtesy of DVICE.com.)

Apple’s next-generation iPhone could finally put an end to fragile smartphones by adopting a flexible OLED display that can bend and twist without so much as a crack. The technology will reportedly come from Samsung — one of Apple’s biggest display partners — which claims to have already received “huge” orders from certain companies.