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Flexibits Is Bringing Fantastical To The iPad… Soon


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Today you may have noticed a little teaser page from Flexibits, makers of the beloved calendar app Fantastical.

“Fantastical 2 for iPhone on your iPad is good,” reads the teaser. “Fantastical 2 for iPad on your iPad is even better.”  There’s a mailing list where you can sign up to get notified when the app arrives.

We’re itching to tell you more, like exactly when the app is coming out and why it’s awesome, but you’ll have to be patient. All that’s being said at this point is that Fantastical for iPad will be a separate download from the existing Fantastical for iPhone. That means new and existing customers will need to pony up a little change.

Stay tuned for Cult of Mac’s full review.

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Fantastical 2 For iPhone Includes New iOS 7 Design, Reminders, And Price



I started using Fantastical on my iPhone the day it was released back in November of last year. Like other users of the fantastic (bad pun intended) Mac app, I couldn’t wait to have its natural language parsing on my iPhone. With Fantastical, you can just type “get lunch with Buster at 3 tomorrow” and be done. Far better than the poorly-designed rigamarole that is Apple’s Calendar app.

Today Flexibits, makers of Fantastical, released the biggest update to their iPhone calendar app since its original release. Fantastical 2 for iPhone is a completely new app that works only on iOS 7 and features a new design, new features, and yes, a price.

Makers Of Fantastical Are Working On A New App For Searching Messages On The Mac


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Have you tried searching in Messages on the Mac? Well don’t try now unless you want to get really frustrated. Among the app’s other numerous bugs, Messages can tend to suddenly throw a tantrum whenever the search bar is invoked.

Flexibits, makers of popular iPhone calendar app Fantastical, have announced their next app: Chatology, a tool for searching Messages on the Mac.

Fantastical For iPhone Is Here, And Apple’s Calendar App Has Been Dethroned [Review]


Something as simple as a good calendar app can make all the difference.
Something as simple as a good calendar app can make all the difference.

When Flexibits launched Fantastical on the Mac back in May of 2011, I started actually using iCal to make sense of the hectic mess that is my daily schedule. Fast forward to today, and Fantastical is an app I still can’t live without. I was ecstatic when Flexibits sent me an early copy of Fantastical for iPhone to try out, and I’m pleased to report that it is everything you would expect and more. Apple’s Calendar app just got dethroned again.

Awesome Calendar App Fantastical Is Coming To Your iPhone


I'm looking forward to this.
I'm looking forward to this.

Fantastical is an awesome little calendar app originally developed for OS X by Flexibits. It sits in your Mac’s menu bar and provides you with quick and easy access to your appointments and reminders. You’re probably already familiar with it; we’ve covered it a number of times here on Cult of Mac, and we’re big fans.

Which is why we’re pleased to tell you that Fantastical is coming to your iPhone.