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TV Show Streaming Disappears From Apple TVs In Canada Just Days After Update



Apple quietly issued an update to its Apple TV earlier this week, which finally introduced TV show streaming from the cloud to users in Australia, Canada, and the U.K. for the first time. However, there may have been a good reason why Apple was so quiet about it.

It would seem that the feature isn’t ready yet — or that it was not meant for certain territories — because just days after being introduced, Apple has removed it again.

Apple Quietly Issues a Fix for Flickering Cinema Displays on Thunderbolt Macs



If you’ve got a new Thunderbolt-capable Mac and you’ve got it hooked up a 24-inch Cinema Display, you’ve probably encountered a bit of flickering every now and again. I know I have, and so have a number of users on Apple’s discussion forums.

Thankfully, Apple has issued to firmware update to resolve the issue, but it won’t be coming via Software Update.

Get Ready to Download iOS Beta 8 This Friday, Gold Master on Sept 23 [Rumor]



If you’ve been hanging around in Apple’s developer center since iTunes 5 beta 8 dropped last week, impatiently awaiting the release of iOS 5 beta 8, you might want to give yourself a break. According to a “trusted source,” the eighth beta of Apple’s next major iOS firmware will not drop until this Friday, with the Gold Master release scheduled for September 23.

iOS 4.3.3 is Still Vulnerable to Latest Untethered Jailbreak



Apple released iOS 4.3.3 on Tuesday to address the infamous location tracking issues with the iPhone. To our surprise, however, the update to does prevent the latest untethered jailbreak solution, leaving 4.3.3 still vulnerable to the hack.

Dev-Team member C0mex posted a message on Twitter yesterday that confirmed the exploit was still successful. While we don’t recommend you try jailbreaking the latest iOS release with Redsn0w or PwnageTool, it’s only a matter of time before both tools are updated.

In its fight against the jailbreak community, Apple usually fixes the vulnerabilities that make the latest jailbreaks possible, forcing hackers to find another exploit. The fact that it hasn’t with the latest iOS release is evidence that Apple rushed to get the 4.3.3 software out and quickly quash the location tracking bugs, putting an end to the whole ‘Locationgate’ saga.

We’ll keep you updated on the iOS 4.3.3 jailbreak as it progresses.

iOS 5 to Introduce Over-The-Air Software Updates?



Apple is reportedly working closely with Verizon Wireless to introduce over-the-air software updates to the iPhone with its iOS 5 firmware. Starting this fall, iPhone users will be able to update their iOS software wirelessly, without having to plug the device into iTunes, or involve a computer altogether. It’s a luxury Google Android and Palm webOS users have been enjoying for some time, and Apple’s finally bringing it to iOS.

Multiple sources for 9to5Mac have revealed the feature will debut with iOS 5 and will support subsequent iOS releases. Apparently, Apple already has the technology, but doesn’t want to release it to the masses all at once. It will therefore be available only to Verizon customers initially.

‘ipswDownloader’ Makes it Easy to Find & Download iOS Firmware



ipswDownloader is a great new tool that makes the process of finding and downloading iOS firmware releases incredibly simple. Developed by Vitaly Parovishnik, and available for both Mac and Windows, the app supports every iOS device there is – including AppleTV – and features iOS firmware from version 1.0.1.

What’s great about ipswDownloader is that once you’ve selected your device and the firmware version you want to download, it provides additional details on the release that jailbreakers in particular will find incredibly valuable; such as the baseband version, whether the firmware can be jailbroken and unlocked, and the size of the download.

ipswDownloader is completely free to download and use. The full list of supported devices can be found after the break.

iOS 4.3.2 Can Be Jailbroken With Latest Redsn0w & PwnageTool Bundles



Shortly after the release of iOS 4.3.2 yesterday, hackers discovered that the firmware update can be jailbroken successfully with the latest version of Redsn0w and PwnageTool bundles. These are, however, tethered jailbreaks – which means you’ll need to connect your device to your computer every time you need to reboot.

Though it’s possible to jailbreak the latest iOS release, it is still a good idea to stay away from the update for the time being if jailbreaking your device is important to you. There is yet to be an announcement from the Dev-Team regarding a jailbreak for this firmware, and there’s a chance you may lose your untethered jailbreak completely if you upgrade.

iOS 4.3.2 to be Released in Next Two Weeks?



According to a source for Boy Genius Report, Apple is working on the next release of iOS and planning to release the firmware to the public during the next two weeks. iOS 4.3.2 will include a few enhancements, address security issues, and fix several bugs that have effected some users.

Unfortunately the details handed over to BGR are a little limited, so we’re unable to report what enhancements or bug fixes will be made in the next iOS release. Although, issues with Wi-Fi that effects users with certain routers, and a problem with the taking photographs on the iPad 2, have been picked up in iOS 4.3.1.

BGR sources seem to have been consistent with their information in recent months, revealing on March 21st that iOS 4.2.1 would launch within two weeks – 4 days before it went live.

As always, we’ll let you know when iOS 4.3.2 is available to download.

Could Extended Free Access to ‘The Daily’ Mean iOS 4.3 Coming Feb 28th?



While the wait for iOS 4.3 and in-app recurring subscriptions continues, free access to The Daily has been extended beyond the original two-week trial period until February 28th, sparking rumors that suggest Apple’s next iOS update could also drop on the same date.

The extension to free access was picked up by German Mac blog Macerkopf, after the expiry date of their subscription changed within the “Account Information” in The Daily application. Because the application’s billing method relies on the recurring subscriptions feature iOS 4.3, customers cannot be charged for access to the service until the update is available.

Of course, Feb 28th may be nowhere near the release date of 4.3, and The Daily could be just extending its free trial to a random date in the hope that the update is available by then.

There have been rumors that the public debut of iOS 4.3 would be at 10 AM EST today, however, a quick glance at your clock right now will show that predication was an inaccurate one.

[via 9to5 Mac]

Apple Releases MacBook Air 2010 EFI Firmware Update



Apple has released another software update for the new 11 and 13-inch MacBook Air models. This update, which is an EFI firmware upgrade, follows the previous update released shortly after the new MacBook Air went on sale and other alleged fixes in Mac OS X 10.6.5.

According to Apple, “This update resolves a rare issue where MacBook Air boots or wakes to a black screen or becomes unresponsive. This update is recommended for all 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air (late 2010) models. ”

Apple Seeds iOS 4.2.1 GM to Developers



Apple has just released another gold master candidate of its long-awaited iOS 4.2 firmware to developers. This version is iOS 4.2.1, and we assume it quashes the Wi-Fi bug that’s recently been affecting the iPad.

MacRumors reports that Apple has instructed developers not to resubmit their applications under the new build, suggesting that only minor fixes are included in this update.

Unfortunately it’s not the iOS 4.2 news many of us have been anticipating, however, it’s nice to see Apple are fixing these bugs before they release the firmware to the public.

Developers can get their hands on iOS 4.2.1 via the iOS Dev Centre.

‘SNL’ Uses Jailbroken iPhone as Apple Closes TIFF Exploit



I love the NBC and Apple feud so much. Sometimes, the companies overtly bash each other. For every other moment, there’s fun speculation. Take for instance, the latest volley, which likely has nothing to do with the epic rumble between Jeff Zucker and Steve Jobs, but it’s fun to pretend otherwise. Here’s the set-up: NBC’s Saturday Night Live had a sketch featuring an iPhone that Gizmodo believes to have the illicit installer app that graces all jailbroken iPhones — and then, today, Apple issues iPhone firmware 1.1.2 on UK iPhones, which closes the exploit that enables the current group of jailbreaks. Coincidence? Or distant shots in a hundred-years war?

(No further word on features for 1.1.2. Best not to install for now.)

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