We’re Live Blogging The Apple Q2 2013 Earnings Call At 5PM/2PM EDT/PDT [Update: Nope!]



Update: Guys, sadly, we’re having server issues that makes this impossible. Stay tuned for the front page for updates on the call as it happens.

In just a few hours, Apple will be hosting its Q2 2013 financial earnings call, and it’s bound to be an interesting call. It’s no secret that Wall Street is expecting a bloodbath, and is calling for Tim Cook’s head amongst fears of stagnating iPhone growth, but can Apple outperform the Street’s expectations?

Check out our summary of what to expect if you want to know more about the expectations going into this thing. Starting at 5PM Eastern/2PM Pacific, we’re going to be live blogging the call, so make sure to check back at this space then. We’ll be covering quotes and questions from the call, as well as posting our own live commentary. Hit the jump for our live blog, and make feel free to listen along if you want.

Apple Stock Flirts With $600 Per Share


First stop $600, next stop $1000?

For the first time ever, Apple stock briefly touched, then dropped below, the price of $600 per share. Making that milestone even more impressive is the fact that AAPL just reached $500 per share for the first time a month ago.

Mark my words, Woz is right: Apple’s going to reach $1000 per share become the world’s first trillion dollar company.

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