Could iWork ’12 Be A Final Cut Pro X Style Reboot?



A new job application on Apple’s site has put out the call for a new Senior User Interface Designer to rework the iWork suite on both Mac and iOS devices.

Not only does the timing of the ad combined with recent updates seem to imply that Apple may not update iWork until next year, but we have to wonder if it also might suggest that Cupertino is planning a Final Cut Pro X style reboot of the popular office suite.

Macworld Gives Final Cut Pro X a Cautious Thumbs Up



Macworld magazine has given Apple’s controversial update of Final Cut Pro X a cautious thumbs up.

The new version of Final Cut Pro rocked the video editing world with its ruthless embrace of the new at the expense of the old. Lots of veteran FCP editors are outraged by the update, which has a whole new code base and workflow. The new software can’t even open old FCP projects!

But Macworld says that’s the price to pay for progress. The new software has been rewritten for a tapeless, metadata-based video workflow, and though incomplete, it’s a huge imporvement:

With Final Cut Pro X, Apple is once again out to completely re-invent the video industry. This is a truly groundbreaking release for a 1.0 software version, and I hope that the professional features that many video editors currently use will be made available soon.

Macworld: Review: Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X To Get New And Missing Features Every Six Months



Final Cut Pro X might now finally be available for purchase on the Mac App Store for a lower price than ever, but for some video professionals, it has not been worth the wait: a pretty update that sadly jettisons many of the features that they depend on. There may be hope on the horizon, though: Apple has reportedly claimed that Final Cut Pro X will be getting some of these missing features in future updates.