$5 Friday: DesktopShelves [Ends today!]



Me, I like a tidy Desktop. Sure I save things to the Desktop (like the images I use for these posts), but once a week or so I clean house, deleting almost everything from my Desktop. Now my buddies AJ and Shane, well they have Desktops that make my eyes bleed. Files and folders everywhere. I’m seriously thinking I should buy them each a copy of DesktopShelves. It’s not going to be a big deal either because, it’s our first $5 Friday!

DesktopShelves does one simple thing. You create “shelves” (they look like shelves you have on your wall) to hold files and folders on your Desktop. It’s a virtual thing, really, everything is still in a folder in the Finder, but it looks better. Check out the movie after the jump.