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Why walking the streets of NYC with 300 iPhones is a bad idea


Fifth Avenue Apple Store
Muggers stole 300 iPhones near the famous Apple Fifth Avenue store in New York City.
Photo: Apple

A man was robbed of 300 iPhones he’d just purchased at the famous Apple store on Fifth Avenue early Monday. He walked out of the store and was soon assaulted by a pair of criminals who drove off with a bag carrying $95,000 worth of handsets.

It could be worse, though – that was just one of the three bags full of Apple merchandise the New York City man was carrying.

There’s a fun AirPods Easter egg at Apple’s Fifth Avenue store


AirPods wall display is on show in New York.
AirPods are part of a fun nod to Apple's history.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

An AirPods-based wall display at Apple’s recently re-opened Fifth Avenue Apple Store features a cool Easter egg for long-time fans.

The Easter egg features Apple’s ultra popular AirPods being used as notes in a piece of sheet music. The music represented is from Apple’s iconic “Here’s to the Crazy Ones” ad campaign, which ran shortly after Steve Jobs’ return in the late 1990s.

Apple will hype TV+ shows in upcoming creative sessions at Fifth Avenue store


Apple will show off Apple TV+ at its Fifth Avenue Apple Store.
Apple recently reopened its Fifth Avenue Apple Store.
Photo: Apple

Apple is using its Apple Store “Today at Apple” creative sessions to showcase Apple TV+ content. As part of upcoming events at its newly reopened Fifth Avenue Apple Store, Apple will focus on promoting films and TV shows from its streaming video service.

In one case this will involve an appearance from the crew behind the production.

Tim Cook opens the doors for Fifth Avenue Apple Store reopening


Tim Cook opens doors
Tim Cook and retail boss Deirdre O’Brien were both present for the reopening.
Screenshot: CNBC

Tim Cook opened the doors at the reopening of Apple’s iconic Fifth Avenue Apple Store in New York, just as the iPhone 11 went on sale.

Cook counted down to the 8am EST opening with fans, then pushed open the large glass doors to let customers inside the refurbished Apple Store. He even threw out high fives as people filed into the store to buy their new handsets and Apple Watches Series 5s.

Refreshed Fifth Avenue store is as multicolored as the classic Apple logo


Apple Store glass
The Fifth Avenue Apple Store just got a splash of (every) color.
Photo: c.paniagua.art/Instagram

Apple’s Fifth Avenue Apple Store refurb has being going on since 2017 — and it looks like it’ll be worth the wait.

According to new images, the iconic glass cube is getting a slightly psychedelic upgrade, with an iridescent coating that reflects every color under the sun. It’s a neat, attention-grabbing nod to the classic Apple rainbow logo which disappeared 20 years ago last month.