Fiat CEO wants to build a car for Apple


The Apple Car, brought to you by Fiat?
The Apple Car, brought to you by Fiat?
Photo: Fiat USA

Fiat CEO and self-proclaimed “Apple freak” Sergio Marchionne, is ready to embrace a future where Apple designs cars, but he wants his company to make it.

Marchionne made an appearance at the Geneva auto show today and said that if Apple’s really thinking about making a car on its own, they must have some type of illness.

Fiat CEO says Apple’s planning an ‘intervention’ for the car


We'd like to buy this directly from Apple, OK?
iCar Concept art: Josh Baré/DeviantArt CC
Photo: Josh Baré/DeviantArt CC

The CEO of Fiat Chrysler made a recent trip to Silicon Valley that included a ride in Google’s self-driving car as well as a meeting with Tim Cook to talk about Apple’s automotive ambitions.

Sergio Marchionne, Fiat’s chief executive, spoke Saturday at the opening of a Maserati dealership near Toronto, Canada, and said he had recently met with both Apple and Tesla to talk about the future of cars — and found out more about what Apple’s planning.