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Felt Desk Mat Is Like A Cosy Rug For Wrists



These days my desk is my lap. My work machine is an iPad, and my iMac is hanging on the wall, acting as little more than a BitTorrent machine and photo store. I still have a desk though, but it is useless for most of the year thanks to a marble top which sucks heat from my hands and wrists like a prisoner sucks on a cigarette after a week in solitary confinement.

Fortunately, there’s an accessory for people who – like me – love both felted wool, and their carpal tunnels. It’s the Desk-Pad Classic, and I will probably have ordered one by the time you finish reading this post.

Classy Leather And Felt Pockets For Your iPhone 5



An iPhone case has never “felt” this good (#rimshot). OK, I’ll stop with the puns already. This case for the iPhone 4 from Studio Credence is fashioned from merino wool felt with a leather pocket (and strap, depending on the model). It comes in a variety of tasteful colors, and looks both tough and useful enough to be a permanent iPhone case, even for the committed bareback user.

This Lightweight Felt iPad Bag Is Almost Ideal. Almost [Review]


How did Darth know what Luke was getting for Christmas? He'd 'felt' his presents. Photos Charlie Sorrel (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)
How did Darth know what Luke was getting for Christmas? He'd 'felt' his presents. Photos Charlie Sorrel (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

Given the number of iPad cases that arrive at my door each week for review, you might be surprised that I still buy the things. And a couple of weeks ago when I picked up a natty little felt iPad bag in a local store, I couldn’t believe the price. At just €20 (around $25), it’s a steal.

Don’t Panic iPad Case Is As Lazy As You (In A Good Way)



Thomas Fulton’s Don’t Panic iPad case started life last year as a Kickstarter project. Now, after sending out cases to all his happy backers, the case is available for you and me to buy.

The case is made from floppy felt and leather, and is designed as much for using as it is for carrying and protecting. When closed, the felt closes up just like any other folio case. Open it up, though, and the fun starts.

iPhone, in Felt



It’s soft. It’s cute. It’s an iPhone, in felt.

It has no practical purpose we can ascertain, unless you count baby geek toy or dog bauble. Oh wait, the guy who made it says it’s not suitable for either of those things.

Still, it’s one-of-a-kind and uber cute. (Did I already mention that?) And, unlike the apple-shaped iPod shuffle cover in felt, which is adorable but we can’t get behind because the colors are wrong, this seems about as faithful as you can get. Using felt.

If you have to have it, bidding starts at $25 plus $5 shipping on eBay.

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