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This could be our first look at the iPhone 7


"Leaked" iPhone 7 with Smart Connector (left) and iPhone 6s.
Photo: Bastille Post

The iPhone 7 may come with a Smart Connector if photos of what appears to be an early iPhone 7 Plus unit can be believed.

Photos of the alleged iPhone 7, leaked by a Chinese website, show Apple integrating a dual-lens camera into the design of the rear case. If the case is accurate, it looks like Apple won’t be ditching its protruding camera lens this year.

Apple Watch gets fashionable in carbon-fiber concept


Carbon-fiber Apple Watch concept.
Carbon-fiber Apple Watch concept.
Photo: Feld and Volk

The Apple Watch is the most functional smartwatch you can slap on your wrist, but when it comes to style, it still leaves a lot to be desired. Russian design team Feld & Volk is ready to fix that, though, with an Apple Watch concept that draws upon the latest watchmaking trends used by top manufacturers.

5.5-inch iPhone 6 gets optical image stabilization, new parts confirm


iPhone 6 camera module (left) next to the iPhone 5s camera (right).

Apple will reveal the full details of the iPhone 6 in just 4 days, but a set of leaked images from Feld & Volk appear to confirm that Apple’s biggest iPhone will come with optical image stabilization.  5.5-inch iPhone 6 will come with optical image stabilization.

The luxury Russians iPhone modders – who have already built a ‘working’ iPhone 6 out of spare parts – managed to get their hands on the image sensor destined for Apple’s 5.5-inch iPhone, and while Apple has thinned down the module’s thickness, it appears to be larger than that on the iPhone 5s.