6 Tips For Shooting Magazine-Worthy Fashion On Your iPhone [Feature]


@Peter Ellenby.
@Peter Ellenby, shot with an iPhone 4 and Hipstamatic's "WMag Freepak" lens.

September is back-to-fashion month, when glossy magazines bulge at the seams with their biggest issues of the year.

To celebrate its fashion-packed September issue, W magazine partnered with Hipstamatic for a new lens called “WMag Freepak,” offered free to download in-app until September 2, and launched a contest that will earn the winner a chance to shoot for the magazine.

Photographer Peter Ellenby, a self-taught shutterbug who has lived in San Francisco, shooting bands, events, portraits and fashion since 1994, took the WMag lens on a trial run for pics that will appear in an upcoming edition of Hipstamatic’s iPad magazine Snap.

Here are his tips for photographing fashion, including why you should save money on a studio but always accessorize your shots with a touch of crazy.

Camera Straps Made From Neckties


Looking good! The Camera Strap Necktie.
Looking good! The Camera Strap Necktie.

I don’t own a necktie, and I haven’t been clean-shaven since sometime in the mid-to-late 1990s. But that doesn’t mean I can’t brush up nice and get all dressed up from time to time. Which is why I’m seriously considering one of Photojojo’s smart-looking Camera Strap Neckties.



Monster’s Not Even Pretending Anymore: It Finally Becomes a Fashion Company [CES 2012]


The Diamond Tears in black (they'll also be available in white)

LAS VEGAS, CES 2012 – Or maybe it’s that they’re pretending even less. The amount of bling at the Monster “booth” — it was actually more of a compound, complete with a super-secret inner sanctum — would make Snooki (who was at the show) blush. Their three newly released headphones seemed far more focused on fashion than sound; even Monster founder Nole Lee’s Segway (was it a Segway?) rolled around on gold-rimmed wheels. Then there were the booth fashion shows…

The Apple Collection Was Everything That Was Wrong With Late 80s Apple [Gallery]



In 1985, after a power struggle developed between Steve Jobs and John Sculley, Apple Computer’s charismatic co-founder was forced out of the company his vision had created. For the next twelve years, the company foundered, lost marketshare hand over fist and almost went bankrupt before Jobs returned to the company in 1997 to put things right.

We all know that story. Still, it’s amazing how just one item from the dark years can hilariously put the disconnect between pre- and post-Jobs Apple in sharp relief. Could anything better exemplify the now-amusing differences in vision between Apple under Jobs and Apple under Sculley than this 1987 relic, The Apple Catalogue?

Arnald Work Bag Cradles Your Macbook with a Modern Touch of Vintage Style [Review]


Arnald Work Bag

If you’re someone who has even the smallest regards towards fashion, then you’ve probably given some serious thought as to which bag to use for toting your precious MacBook around. What you wear says just as much about you as your MacBook does. If you’re looking for something that looks great for casual occasions but can also feel dressed up enough for business meetings, then you need to consider the Arnald Work Bag from The Property Of. We were lucky enough to receive a bags from the Amsterdam based company and here’s our take.

Buy Your Lovebug This Cute Doodle Bug Laptop Bag [Review]



The Multitasker Large bag from Hadaki is an adorable messenger bag suitable for any girl — teen and up.

The bag seems especially  popular with parents who buy them for teenage daughters to take to school. Indeed, my  fourteen-year-old daughter, Nadine, has been using the Multitasker bag at her high school for several weeks.

Weighed down by algebra and biology books this sturdy and stylish bag has held up remarkably well, unlike her poor back!