Apple Pay saves you money on summer movie tickets, food, and more


There are deals to had this summer if you just use Apple Pay.
There are deals to had this summer if you just use Apple Pay.
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Apple waited a bit for its summer Apple Pay promotion, but it just kicked off today. On offer are savings from Fandango, SubHub, Groupon, and several other apps.

The exact savings vary from service to service, of course, but they all have one thing in common: when it comes time to settle up, you must use Apple Pay.

IMDB iOS App Update With Ability To Purchase Movie Tickets In U.S.



IMDB released a new update for it’s iOS and Android apps today that includes a new feature that will allow iOS users to purchase movie tickets via the app. The free update also comes with a tie-in to the Amazon Mobile app that allows you to choose to buy a movie in IMDB and then order it through Amazon.

Ticket purchasing in the IMDB update is powered by Fandango. Once a user purchases a ticket it can be added to your Passbook and then scanned by theater staff for admittance just like in the Fandango iOS app. The app also has a new “Coming Soon” feature that lets you add movie release dates to your iOS calendar.

Here are the full release notes:

Fandango Claims 71 Percent Of Star Trek: Into Darkness Ticket Sales, 32 Percent From Mobile Users


Guys, where did *you* get your tickets?

Seriously, have you gotten your tickets, yet? Star Trek: Into Darkness is coming this weekend, and it looks like the entire US is heading tot he theater to see it, en masse.

Fandango is having a good run of it, claiming that 71 percent of the pre-release ticket sales are coming through it’s very convenient service, with 32 percent of that traffic coming via mobile apps.

Further, they just told me that 15 percent of the mobile ticket sales through the Fandango app are coming from iPhone users, while 6 percent are coming from the Android mobile app.

Fandango Premieres Its First Weekly Show On Mobile, Desktop, With “Weekend Ticket”


What are you gonna see?

The weekends are for movies, right? Personally, I’m going to flock to Oz The Great and Powerful at an IMAX theater this weekend, along with a billion other people, no doubt. Fandango wants to be a part of that weekend rush, and possibly get your $2 per ticket convenience fee, with it’s new mobile and online movie preview show, Weekend Ticket, available now on iOS and Android mobile devices, and the website.

Tell Siri To Buy Fandango Movie Tickets On Your iPhone [iOS Tips]


Too bad the movie is getting awful reviews.
Too bad the movie is getting awful reviews.

Fandango is pretty cool. You can buy tickets right on your iPhone with the Fandango iOS app, send them to Passbook, and then just waltz right into the theater without stopping at the box office. Of course, you’ll still need to stop at the concessions stand, unless you’re smuggling in a bunch of wrapped candy in your coat pockets. Just sayin’.

Using Fandango is fairly easy, but Siri can make it easier still in iOS 6.1. Here’s how.