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Malware uses Apple’s FairPlay DRM to attack iOS users


143 million customers in the U.S. may have been impacted by the attack.
Photo: Colin / Wikimedia Commons

Researchers have just discovered a new malware threat for iOS devices that uses Apple’s own FairPlay DRM system as a delivery vector.

Dubbed “AceDeciever” by the researchers, the malware in question can technically infect any type of iOS device, jailbroken or not, if a user downloads a third-party app.

Apple Hides One-Star Reviews Of Apps Affected By DRM Server Bug



Although Apple quietly fixed the problem on their end that led to numerous corrupt app updates being sent out to customers, the after effects continued to plague app developers who had been bitten by the bug in the form of one-star App Store reviews from outraged customers. Now Apple’s done the right thing, and obscured these one-star reviews from influencing afflicted apps’ ratings.

Apple Reporting Server Bug Fixed – No More Crashing App Updates



Apple has just reported that it has fixed a glitch that’s been plaguing app developers and downloaders today, rendering app updates downloaded today or late yesterday useless. The apps refused to launch, and no amount of re-installation would fix the issue.

Apple just issued a statement to All Things D that calls the all clear. The initial corruption was linked to Apple’s Fairplay digital rights management (DRM), and Apple said it only affected a small number of users.

Apple Is Working On A Fix For Crashing Issues Plaguing The App Store


Getting your app noticed by Apple may be easier than you think if you follow these tips.
Getting your app noticed by Apple may be easier than you think if you follow these tips.

It appears that Apple has finally acknowledged the app crashing issue that has been plaguing many apps on the iOS App Store in the last day or so. Originally highlighted by Instapaper creator Marco Arment here, apparently some newly updated apps were crashing on launch. The issues stem from corrupted app binaries that were being distributed on the App Store, and may be related to Apple’s FairPlay DRM.

This Free App Can Crack Apple’s iBooks DRM



The DRM restriction that prevents Apple’s iBooks from being opened on other devices can now be removed by the latest version of a free DRM removal tool. Requiem 3.3, a piece of software that is incredibly popular for removing the DRM from music and videos purchased from the iTunes Store, has been updated to crack e-books purchased from the iBookstore.