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Samsung Gets Distracted From Shamelessly Copying Apple, Shamelessly Copies Facebook Instead



Samsung’s a company of shameless copycats. They’ve ripped off the iPhone. They’ve ripped off the Mac mini. They’ve ripped off  the iPhone 3G. They’ve ripped off the iPad Smart Cover. Heck, they’ve even ripped off Apple’s commercial actresses.

So it’s kind of nice to see Samsung ripping off someone else for a change. That all said, this is beyond parody: Samsung is now looking to create its own social network, and their top-super-secret codename for the endeavor? “SAMSUNG FACEBOOK.” You can’t make this stuff up.

Don’t Trust Facebook To Show You The ‘iPhone 5 Exposed!’ [Scams]



“iPhone 5 — First Exposure!” “Apple iPhone 5G Exposed!” These might be the barker cries popping up on your Facebook feed this morning, promising an exclusive look at the new iPhone. But just as you shouldn’t necessarily trust the man outside the local rundown gentleman’s club shouting “The most beautiful girls, girls, girls in the world, world, world are inside!”, don’t expect an early glimpse at the iPhone 5 if you click one of these links. It’s a big scam.