How to kick out companies that access your Facebook profile


Facebook Profile
You might be amazed how many companies you allow to read your complete Facebook profile.
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Facebook now lists in one place all the companies that you’ve given access to your profile info. This makes deleting this access a snap, right from your iPhone or iPad.

You may have taken a silly Facebook quiz to find out which droid from Star Wars you most resemble. Just by doing so, you allowed the company that made up the quiz entry to your full profile info. And even if that was a decade ago, they still have access today.

How to turn off sound in Facebook News Feed videos


Some Facebook users now have a second News Feed.
Photo: Facebook

Facebook is making big changes to the way it approaches video. Videos in the Facebook News Feed previously played silently unless users turned sound on. Now if you want to keep the sound off, you’ll need to dig through your Facebook settings.

Turn off the annoying new feature with these steps.


If you're tired of the Facebook app draining your iPhone's battery, try these 6 easy tips!
If you're tired of the Facebook app draining your iPhone's battery, try these easy tips.
Photo: Ally Kazmucha/The App Factor

Social Media Browser RockMelt Shrunk to an iPhone App


With the Flock browser going the way of the dodo, there’s really only one social-media-enhanced browser left: RockMelt. And yesterday, they released an iPhone version of the browser.

RockMelt is pretty handy for those of us who like to post news and blog posts straight to our Facebook and Twitter feeds from the web on our iPhones. It also functions as a basic newsreader, and It’ll sync with the browser’s Mac version so you can access bookmarks and posts that have been tagged with its “View Later” feature. Best of all, it’s free.