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What you need to know about that viral face-aging app you’ve been using, this week on The Cultcast


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Whoa there, buddy! We need to chat about that face-aging app...

This week on The CultCast: Why some say FaceApp, the mega-viral app that ages your face, might also be stealing your data. Plus, why your next iPhone or Mac may feature Apple’s rainbow logo; Apple might soon make a big move into original podcasts; and we’ll tell you about the wild lengths some Apple factory works go through to smuggle out top-secret tech.

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Is viral FaceApp stealing your photos? Not all of them


FaceApp uses AI to deliver impressive photo effects.
Photo: FaceApp

Impressive artificial intelligence that delivers some of the most convincing facial effects has made FaceApp incredibly popular in recent weeks. But there’s some concern over what happens to your photos when you use it.

The good news is FaceApp won’t steal your entire photo library. However, some of your images will end up on its servers.

New Macs smackdown! [Cult of Mac Magazine No. 305]


New Macs smackdown in Cult of Mac Magazine No. 304
Get the latest on the new MacBook lineup.
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Apple just radically simplified its laptop lineup, rolling out great updates to the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro (and killing two models). Now the big question is, which Apple laptop is right for you? Here’s our buyer’s guide to the new MacBooks.

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