How We Covered The Mobile World Congress With iPhones And Eye-Fi [Feature]


Last week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, a curious, unexpected thing happened: I used an Eye-Fi Mobi card to shoot and share photos from my camera to my iPhone and it worked – almost flawlessly.

As regular readers will know, I have tried Eye-Fi’s cards over and over, both here and when I wrote for Wired’s Gadget Lab, and I could never get on with them. The problems ran from annoyances to plain bad design and broken functionality.

This time, though, the card came through. In fact, I couldn’t have covered the show so well without it. Read on to see how we covered the show.

Eye-Fi Mobi Card, Now Available In 32GB


You too can take pictures of kids doing yoga with the new Eye-Fi Mobi.
You too can take pictures of kids doing yoga with the new Eye-Fi Mobi.

Eye-Fi has just added a new 32GB model to its Mobi card lineup. This means that you can now shoot for days and then, when you decide to transfer all those photos to your iPad, iPhone or Mac, sit for another few days as the pictures are sent across via Wi-Fi.

Eye-Fi Mobi: Finally, Eye-Fi Gets It Right [Review]


Mobi byEye-Fi
Category: SD cards
Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
Price: $50

I have used a variety of Eye-Fi cards in the past, both top-end, RAW-compatible Eye-Fi branded cards, and SanDisk’s licensed versions. And all of them have sucked. But the folks at Photojojo insisted I try out the new 8GB Eye-Fi mobi, a card designed to pair with an iDevice and let you seamlessly transfer pictures from any camera to your iPhone or iPad.

And — to my huge surprise — it’s fantastic.

Eye-Fi Mobi Promises Non-Ridiculous Setup For iOS Devices



Eye-Fi’s new Mobi cards are designed to work better with iOS and Android apps, making wireless transfers from your camera to your iDevice much easier. The iOS app has been updated, too, bringing support for the iPhone 5’s larger screen, just 8 months after it was launched. This, combined with the crappy non-native OS X app shows that Eye-Fi is getting really serious about Apple gear.

Eye-Fi’s New X2: Bigger And Faster



Eye-Fi has updated its top-of-the-range Pro X2 SD card from 8GB to 16GB, upped the speed to Class and kept the price at the same ridiculous $99. The X2 is the card to buy if you need everything Eye-Fi has to offer: geotagging, direct transfer to your iDevice and RAW file support. But it might not necessarily be the one you want.