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Apple’s new Entrepreneur Camp helps women in tech


Apple Entrepreneur Camp
It also offers tickets to WWDC!
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Apple is launching a new Entrepreneur Camp that’s specifically designed to help app-driven organizations founded and led by women.

The two-week technology lab, which takes place in Apple’s home town of Cupertino, offers one-on-one coding guidance from Apple experts and engineers, as well as “mentorship, inspiration, and insights from top Apple leaders.”

Apple Exec Scott Forstall Fired Over Refusal To Sign Maps Apology [Report]



Scott Forstall, the head of iOS for the past several years, was asked to leave Apple today, a move The Wall Street Journal is reporting as due to his refusal to sign his name to the letter of apology for the incomplete feature set and poor performance of iOS 6’s new Maps app.

The journal cites “people familiar with the matter,” who report that both Forstall and recent retail executive, John Browett, were both asked to leave. This is one of the bigger upsets in the balance of executive power at the Cupertino tech company in quite some time, and may in fact signal a move by Tim Cook, new CEO, to more firmly establish his own mark on Apple.

The Man Who Would Be Steve: Scott Forstall Is More Important To Apple Than You Might Think


Will Apple regret saying goodbye to Scott Forstall?
Photo: Apple

At Apple’s press events, Scott Forstall is the guy who introduces the company’s latest developments with the iOS firmware. He also pops up in the company’s infamous marketing videos in which they use words like “amazing,” “revolutionary,” and “magical.” But Scott’s not just that guy who gets up on stage every so often. He’s an incredibly important member of Apple’s executive team, and in a profile by Bloomberg Businessweek, he’s described as a “mini-Steve” who’s driven, obsessed over little details, and a magnificent salesman.

Apple Hires Top Gaming Executives from Activision & Nintendo



The iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad have already made Apple a huge player when it comes to gaming, with the touchscreen devices proving to be stiff competition for handheld consoles such as the Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP. However, two faces headed to the Apple camp would suggest the Cupertino company wants to get even more serious about gaming.

Air Beats iPad For One Road Warrior



Paul Riegler at the Executive Road Warrior blog wrote an interesting piece about what made him switch from an iPad to a new MacBook Air.

In short: the iPad was a nice portable computer, but the Air is better. It offers more flexibility and freedom. The iPad was a good solution but bulky (because Riegler was toting a keyboard for it too), and sometimes – not often – he found himself wishing for a plain old USB port, or the chance to see something in Flash.