Awesome new iPad lineup could already be in production


Evidence that Apple is prepping new iPad tablets is popping up around the world.
Photo: Apple

The first details about multiple unannounced 2019 iPad models are leaking out. Several Apple tablets just appeared in a Eurasian intergovernmental agency’s database.

And production for at least one of these devices begins this month, according to a source in Asia.

Mystery MacBooks pop up in Eurasian database


The days when you could get a 17-inch MacBook Pro like this one could be returning.
A rumored replacement for 2012’s 17-inch MacBook Pro might have just appeared in a regulatory body’s database.
Photo: Apple

Much-anticipated additional 2019 MacBooks have apparently just shown up in a Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) database.

There are seven variations listed, one of which could be the super-size model a trusted analyst says is on the way.

2019 iPhones already popping up in regulatory filings


Just in case you worried that Apple wasn't going to release any more iPhones!
Photo: Apple

One way to get an idea of what Apple devices are on the way is to check the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) regulatory database. The database just got a new update — confirming a number of new 2019 iPhones.

11 new models have shown up, described as “Apple smartphones.” While it’s absolutely no surprise that new iPhones are on the way, this year’s update is slightly earlier than normal. Apple devices typically turn up in this database a couple of months before launch. Although don’t get too excited about a summer iPhone release!

Apple gets go-ahead for two new iPads


An iPad refresh could be right around the corner.
Photo: Apple

Apple has been given the go-ahead for two new iPads, hinting at an imminent refresh.

The company filed for approval with the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC), and both devices were granted permission this week. Apple has also been given approval to bring several iPhone and iPad “samples” into the region.