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France will let Apple, other tech giants deduct digital tax


Apple France tax
Apple's tax bill in France will be deductible.
Illustration: Cult of Mac

An agreement between the United States and France will take some of the sting out of a French digital tax on wealthy tech companies like Apple, according to an announcement today that closed the G7 Summit.

In July, France enacted a 3% tax on revenues earned on digital services in the country. The tax hits any foreign company making more than $25 million in digital revenue in France. This prompted President Donald Trump to threaten the U.S. ally with tariffs on French wine.

Notre Dame could get glass roof from Apple Store architect


This isn't the craziest Notre Dame proposal we've seen.
Photo: Eight Inc.

The reconstructed Notre Dame cathedral could take some design cues from Apple stores if a proposal from design frim Eight Inc. wins the design competition.

Eight Inc, which designed some of the first iconic Apple stores, submitted a design that uses structural glass to reconstruct the roof and spire that were destroyed in a fire earlier this year. Mockups for the transparent roof look pretty incredible.

Take a close look at the glass spire:

France’s president wants to tax U.S. tech giants an extra $792 million


Apple takes a hacksaw to estimated trade-in values for its devices
Funds could help pay some of the emergency funds Macron recently announced.
Photo: Pictures of Money/Flickr CC

Beleaguered French president Emmanuel Macron is hoping to win back public favor by putting in place tax hikes on American tech giants doing business in Europe.

France has reportedly been working with other countries in the European Union to introduce a digital tax on companies including Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google. The new taxes, set to be introduced in January, could pull in $792 million.