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All the ways Apple locks us into iPhone [Opinion]


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I wanted a Galaxy S10, but I'm stuck with iPhone.
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It’s not easy to give up your iPhone. Even if you’ve already decided you want to switch to another handset, it’s going to be incredibly difficult to let go. Apple has you locked in. And for some iPhone owners, there is no way out.

That’s because it’s not just your iPhone that you’d be saying goodbye to. Many other apps and services you use every day — some without even thinking about it — make switching to another platform nearly impossible.

Here are all the ways Apple makes it hard to jump ship and switch to Android.

Samsung Exec Admits To Using Mac & iOS Devices At Home, Praises Apple’s Ecosystem



Samsung might be Apple’s biggest rival, but it’s clear to see the Korean company loves its work. It’s been trying to make its Android smartphones more like the iPhone for many years — that’s hard to deny, no matter whose side you’re on — and it’s spawned retail stores, tablets, and even charging adapters that are remarkably similar to those form the Cupertino company.

Even Samsung’s executives can’t fight their love of Mac and iOS devices. One, Young Sohn, a chief strategy officer, admits to using a Mac, iPhone, and iPad at home, and praises Apple’s unique ecosystem.

Steve Ballmer Labels Android ‘Wild’ And ‘Uncontrolled’, Apple Too Expensive


Too expensive and too uncontrolled?

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was at the Churchill Club in Santa Clara this week to be interviewed by LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman. One of the most interesting subjects he talked about was Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform, and how it compares to its two main rivals, Apple’s iOS, and Google’s Android.

As you might expect, he didn’t have many good things to say about his competitors. In fact, he called Android “wild” and “uncontrolled,” before saying the iPhone is too expensive and too controlled. Windows Phone, he feels, sits in a sweet spot between the two.

This Chart Shows The Complete Difference Between Apple And Amazon [Image]



Yes, Amazon just released some beautiful new Kindles with HD screens and an ecosystem that could one day potentially rival Apple’s. Not only do the new Kindles look great, but they’re super cheap too, because Amazon wants to make money when you’re using their devices, not when you buy their devices.

If you take a look at the chart above you can see how completely different Amazon is from Apple. While Amazon is content to sell products now and make profit later, Apple makes big profits off of small devices now, and keeps customers coming back with an incredible ecosystem. Which strategy do you think is best? Money talks right?

Source: ReadWriteWeb