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Eclipse Tweaks Opens Up The Dark Side Of iOS 7



The Evasi0n7 jailbreak opened iOS 7 up for all kinds of tweaks ,ranging from lock screen launchers to mods that let you use Touch ID in place of your Home button.

Eclipse is almost certainly the most instantly noticeable tweak so far, however — taking the bright colors that are standard with the iOS UI and replacing them with a darker palette of colors and shades to give your iPhone a suitably moody “night mode”.

Catch Tomorrow Morning’s Lunar Eclipse With SkySafari 3 iOS App [Daily Freebie]



For those of us setting out to catch the lunar eclipse early tomorrow morning — here’s a great piece in the Christian Science Monitor on why it’ll be so spectacular out here west of the Rockies — there’s nothing like an iPad armed with a great astronomy app. But according to Tim DeBenedictis, developer of SkySafari 3, his app is the only one that can predict this — and any other — eclipse. That’s fine with us, since he’s offering his app for free all this weekend.