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Bluetooth Hapifork Measures How Much You Devour, Buzzes When You Eat Too Quickly [CES 2013]


On the left, Hapifork; on the right, Hapitrack.

CES 2013 bug LAS VEGAS, CES 2013 – After four trips to CES, it’s not often I find a gadget that ambushes me straight out of left field; this one comes from the bleachers. And judging by all the buzz that’s erupted at the show and on the blogosphere about this ungainly Bluetooth utensil variously referred to as the HAPIfork, HapiFork or Hapifork (we went with the latter), I’m not the only one.

Nigella’s New Italian Food App Leaves A Bad Taste [Review]


Turns out Nigella quite likes Italian food
Turns out Nigella quite likes Italian food

Co-inciding with her latest TV series, Nigella Lawson’s latest foodie app, Nigellissima is now on the App Store. The theme is simple, delicious Italian food. Nigella, as always, makes amazing dishes look effortless.

The new app is free, but huge, demanding 750MB of storage space on your iOS device. That would be OK if it was packed with useful content. But it’s not.

New Bluetooth Withings Scale Can Be Controlled Entirely By Your iPhone


No computer required.



I bet you never thought you’d feel early-adopter’s remorse for a bathroom scale, right? Well, if you bought the Withings Wi-Fi-connected scale to wirelessly share your weight and BMI with the world (or just with your own suite of fitness apps) then prepare to get stressed out, and maybe to comfort yourself with a big slice of rich, delicious chocolate cake: The Withings WS30 is here.