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Play classic 1990s games with a fully functional Mac OS 8 emulator


Mac OS 8 emulator
Return to the thrilling days of yesteryear with a Mac OS 8 emulator loaded with games from the 1990s.
Photo: Felix Rieseberg

Anyone wanting a serious dose of nostalgia should install a just-released emulator of a classic Apple desktop computer running Mac OS 8, first released in 1997. There’s even a bunch of games and productivity applications from the same era.

Get Your Game On In A Big Way With Duke Nukem: Forever [Deals]



The holidays not only bring a ton of cheer and festiveness to our lives, but can also bring stress and a bit of gloom as our days seem to be jam-packed full of stuff that needs to get done before the year comes to a close. One way to stave off that doom and gloom is to take a time out and enjoy something fun. And one guy who knows how to bring the fun is Duke Nukem.

After a long hiatus, Duke is back – cocked, loaded and ready to deliver an epic ass-kicking. If you like massive weapons, giant explosions, and pure unadulterated fun, stop reading and get your hands on the latest Cult of Mac Deals offer – Duke Nukem: Forever for only $5. That’s a savings of 74%!

Get Some – Duke Nukem II Announced For iPhone, iPad


"Sorry buster! No can do. I'll just break free, kick-butt, and be on my way..."

3D Realms (Max Payne, Duke Nukem) and Intercepter Entertainment (Rise of the Triad) announced today the upcoming release of Duke Nukem II for iOS. Coming in April 2013, Duke Nukem II lets you guide a 2D Duke of mayhem across 32 classic levels from the original game, blowing the crap out of everything that gets in the way.